#782) Sensation Play

Jeanie invited two friends over for a playdate. No, they weren’t young mothers of children needing to socialize to learn skills like sharing and cooperation. No, they weren’t teenagers needing to work on homework together while playing loud music. The three were women in what we’ll politely call young middle age, women who all had unexplored lesbian tendencies, women who had shared in emails and on-line chatter that they were each kinky as fuck.
As serendipity would have it, both friends-who-had-never-met showed-up at Jeanie’s door at the exact same moment. Sophie and Nora introduced themselves to one another, then all-around when Jeanie answered her front door. She showed them inside, where they took off coats and sat down in the neat-as-a-pin living room. There was so much to say, no one knew exactly how to start. Three pretty faces smiled at one another. The tension was palpable, the silence excruciating.
“Maybe this was a mistake,” Jeanie spoke up, and her words elicited crestfallen expressions. “I mean to sit in here, where it’s so formal! Let’s go raid the fridge!” She led her guests past the dining room, where platters of watercress and cucumber petit four sandwiches were arranged, and into the much less stuffy kitchen. Jeanie threw open the doors to the refrigerator and said with much more ease, “Help yourselves, girls, to anything you want!” They dug into leftovers in Tupperware containers as the conversations flowed freely.
It seemed like the ice was starting to break when Sophie, ever the instigator, spoke up.
“Is anybody else hot in here?” She tugged at her turtleneck by her jawline. With a conspiratorial look exchanged between the three, clothes started to come off. Soon three stark naked ladies were eating and laughing and conversing as if they were long-lost sisters having their first sleepover to make-up for lost time.
Then Nora, bright beacon of debauchery, had a blinding lightbulb of an idea.
“How about if we each ate something really cold…” and she held up the carton of ice cream she was enjoying devouring, “… then kissed? The sensations of…”
She didn’t get to finish her sentence, the thought behind her words had registered in everyone’s brains and found very receptive noodles for the novel idea. Soon, the three were kanoodling on the kitchen floor.
Jeanie pulled her frozen tongue out of the open mouths of the other two to add, “You know, this would feel great… in other body parts…”
That was all that need to said. Spoon-fulls of ice cream went from cartons to mouths, as bodies on the linoleum floor reverse-spooned so that mouths could nibble at pussies and anuses. Three pretty lesbos, each with three orifices a piece, an ice (cream) cold mouth and a hungry hot pussy and a tight toasty rosebud; the mathematical possibilities seemed endless. Rear-ends were arranged so that a daisy-chain could be formed, petals licked and penetrated and deflowered by fellow females. Orgasms were achieved, some rippling little eddies, some gargantuan tsunamis.
Jeanie, trying to be the perfect hostess, raised her head out of the fracas to say, “I’ve got coffee… Would anyone like a hot cup of coffee?”
“Hot coffee!” the other two repeated in unison. “Yes!”
“Hot to contrast with the cold,” Sophie enthused.
“Back and forth, over and over…” Nora chimed-in.
The playdate went on and on. Eventually, this appetizer was followed by the main course. One at a time, a woman would lay across the side-by-side laps of the other two for a double dose of spanking. When fannies were sufficiently inflamed, libidos were, too, and dildos and strap-ons were produced, introduced to orifices. A joint was lit-up and passed around, thereby destroying the concept of time, while play went on unabated.
At midnight, three vixens with their sexual appetites sated, but each with the munchies, found themselves gathered around the platters of petit fours, stuffing their mouths.
“You know, these are excellent!” Sophie commented between bites.
“Yeah, why didn’t we start with these in the first place?” Nora mumbled with her mouth quite full.
“I can’t remember…” offered Jeanie.

These are the photos that inspired this topic.

Are you, like me, still struggling how you see the three main characters?

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