#785) A Sign in the Window

Whether you are a man or a woman, you’ve probably seen this type of sign in a shop window. For example, at my hairdresser, they take appointments, but also allow walk-ins. The same is true for Robert’s barber. (Full disclosure, I only go to a hairdresser when I want a fancy do, like for a ritzy affair. Similarly, most often I cut Robert’s hair. He’ll go to his favorite shop only before a big work presentation, for instance.)

The signs say something along the lines of, “Four chairs, no waiting.” What they’re trying to say is that there are a number of service-workers inside, you can get right in for an appointment if you like. (Once again, to be as accurate as possible, I think the barbershop sign says “three chairs,” whereas my beauty parlor is much bigger and has ten chairs on premises. I just averaged it out, for a sign like you all might have noticed.)

These signs got my randy mind thinking. I’d like to make one to put in our residence’s window.In that same large type, in that same friendly script, mine would proclaim, “Three holes, no waiting!”

What I want to scream at my returning lover is that I’m inside, I’m all his, for his use, any way he desires. If he wants my mouth, it is there for his enjoyment.

If he wants my sex, it is his and his alone, and I want him to want me. In the same way, if he wants me through the backdoor, I would love to entertain him there, as well. I think these “open-mouth, tongue-hanging-out” photos are very unattractive. WordPress seems to find pictures of a woman’s genitalia and anus are inappropriate. But the sentiment of the sign is pure, sincere, worth advertising for all to see; I belong to my lover, every bit of me! …Oh, wait a minute, I guess that message might be misinterpreted… like I’m advertising services available to all, for a price… Maybe a sign isn’t such a good idea, after all. I guess I’ll have to just greet him as I always do, naked, ready, interested. And I’ll have to use my words, whisper in my lover’s ear that I am his, in all my places, his, no waiting, now or ever, that I love him and him alone, now and forever! Come and get it!

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