#788) I’m Gonna Get You, Sucker

I fictionalize so much here, I guess I ought to state something like, “This is a true story from my life with no elaboration,” when I write something like this.

I was in college, going steady with a nice guy. I wouldn’t let him go all the way. We’d just kiss and jack each other off. He and I went on a road-trip for the weekend, stopped to eat at a roadside diner where they sold all kinds of junk and junk food. I saw the display of all-day suckers (like the one pictured above) and bought one for the road. We spent the night in a little motel. I promised this guy (I said this would be entirely true, so don’t want to give him a name-up moniker, and don’t want to use his real name either, so he’s just going to go by “the guy”) that I’d allow us to get completely naked to play around, but that we could still only finger/hand-job each other to climax. So we were doing that in this shabby motel room, and I had my eyes closed and was fantasizing about getting spanked while he was getting me off with his hands all over my body. In the heat of the moment, I blurted out, “spank it, spank me good!” and the guy overheard. He reached for my sucker and started to spank me with it. It was sticky and stuck to my butt cheeks as he paddled me. It stung just as much as he peeled the gooey candy off from where it was stuck fast after each swat as any of those spanks did, but it was an actual spanking, so I climaxed hard from it. I also found it hot when he licked my butt cheeks clean from the stickiness during round two. Whenever I see one of these confections now, it brings back fond memories.

The little elf pictured above has a splendid pair of muscular bum cheeks, doesn’t she? I’d love to recreate my college memory with her and her sucker! If you try this at home, try not to spank too hard with the sucker. It will break if you do. But, get sticky! I may have to take a freeway drive to the nearest Buckee’s to see if I can buy another all-day sucker to share with Robert.

One response to “#788) I’m Gonna Get You, Sucker”

  1. Yes, she has incredibly muscular butt cheeks! I love the thought of licking the sticky sweet from the stinging ass cheeks! What a great memory, hope you get to relive it.

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