#789) Perfume

This is another true story from real life with no elaboration.

I just saw a TV commercial for a new perfume. The stuff is produced by Carolina Herrera and is called “Good Girl.” The next time I’m in a department store, I’m going to have to visit the fragrance counter and check this perfume out…

The above is true. Now for the fantasy. I hope that they won’t sell this perfume to just any woman! She needs to be verified as truly good.

“I’m sorry,” I can envision the sales clerk saying to a perspective customer, “but our data suggests that you do not, at present, qualify to purchase this cologne. If you’d care to step over here and bend over the glass counter, our Carolina Herrera representative will paddle you until we are all satisfied that you are actually a ‘good girl’ and then we’d be happy to complete the purchase.” Women all over the store rubbing smarting bottoms and blinking back tears, but joyous that they were finally able to get their hands on this sought-after product, this sought-after status.

2 responses to “#789) Perfume”

  1. Now, Jean Marie, it looks as though the girl in the photo is definitely nursing a sore bottom! I wonder if the lady to her right is her mother and she has inflicted the punishment on her daughter before they left the house. I also wonder if the mother might get her own bottom smacked from time to time given that she has a very shapely behind…

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