#790) He Used Two Words That Said It All

I LOVE some of the comments my pieces elicit! I enjoy them all, but I LOVE some specific ones! Whenever I can make the time, I enjoy conversing in the Reply section with readers. Back on post #781, Daren commented about his use of mirrors when he plays. It made me reflect on how it’s impossible not to face your true self when you’re watching your face contort with pain/pleasure, when you’re watching your ass get beat. Then he used two words that stopped me dead, stopped me cold. Daren spoke about how this form of play addressed both the “embarrassing and the erotic.” That’s it, isn’t it? Everything. Everything in That Thing We Do, how it is at its basic essence, both embarrassing and erotic.

In my mind’s eye, I saw my sister in my face as I lay sobbing on my bed. “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, you got your butt spanked!” she taunted and teased as I rubbed red cheeks too painful to re-cover with my underwear. The innate eroticism of the act of spanking has always been there, ready to be tapped, tapped with the pitter-pat of patty-cake spanks to the deafening strap-stroke-cracks to the way I need my lover to “tap my ass after he’s tapped my ass” with punishment. Both the embarrassing and the erotic. What a perfect all-encompassing phrase! One that I’ll be reflecting upon for a long time.

2 responses to “#790) He Used Two Words That Said It All”

  1. Yes, it is embarrassing when my wife tells me to bend over the foot of the bed and I pull my panties down so she can administer punishment with her leather paddle.
    Yet, so exciting and erotic. My love for her is so incredibly strong after the paddling as I kneel before her and hug her, my face pressed against her belly, arms wrapped around her hips.

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    • The pose you describe is one of my favorites to assume post-spanking. I love giving my lover head after I’ve hugged him long and hard (which reminds me of him as I write it).


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