#793) The Rule in Our House

Father returned home from work to find his wife bustling about the kitchen as usual, but without her usual sunny disposition.
“What’s the matter, dear?”
“Your daughter is in her bedroom waiting for you. She got into trouble yet again at school today.”
As Raymond trudged up the stairs, he reflected that Elizabeth was suddenly ‘his daughter’ when in trouble. He knocked on the closed bedroom door and entered. Lizzy sat on her bed. There was consternation visible in the pretty features of her face.
“You got into trouble again in school, Lizzy?”
“Yes, sir, but I shouldn’t have… Amanda McGuire spoke to me first, and I turned around and…”
“You were caught talking in class.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Was Amanda caught as well?”
“No! And she started it, which is so unfair…”
“You were talking, breaking the rules. You were caught. That’s not unfair. How were you punished?”
“I had to lean across the desk of the Dean of Female Students’ for five swats with the paddle.”
“Very well, change into your pajamas, you won’t be getting any dinner…”
“Yes, sir.”
“And,” he continued as if he hadn’t been interrupted, “go to my bedroom, lay across the bed and await my punishment.”
“But, sir, my bottom…”
“You know the rule, Lizzy, get in trouble at school and get a strapping at home.”
“But, I’ve already been punished so sternly…”
“And you’ll get it even harder if you keep stalling with all this talk…”
“Yes, sir.”
Ten minutes later, Raymond walked into his bedroom with the thick and supple strap in hand. Elizabeth was stretched out on his bed, her pajama-gown pulled up above her waist to expose her buttocks. They were quite ruddy from the paddling, he noted.
He rested the length of leather across her pert and plump cheeks, which twitched involuntarily in surprise and anticipation.
“You’re a senior, Lizzy. You’re too old for this kind of childish punishment…”
“I agree!”
“Therefore, I’m going to be hard on you, give you an adult thrashing, to try to teach you the lesson you should’ve learned by now.”
Lizzy didn’t express any agreement with this statement, just buried her face in a pillow, preparing for the worst. Father raised the strap high overhead, and brought it down hard on the soft pink flesh. A loud crack, a stifled moan, buttocks that rippled under the impact, stiffened, relaxed, colored a deeper shade of pink. That was the process, repeated more times than either father or daughter could keep track of.
The father’s mind reverted to thoughts about Lizzy, how she’d always been headstrong and obstinate. How she was now a woman, with alluring curves, but still so much a child at heart. She needed this. He probably had been too lenient with her as she grew-up, she needed it much more than she ever got it. Let this lesson dispel any thoughts of leniency… He looked with fresh eyes at the butt cheeks before him on the bed. It was the butt his wife had when he first met her. If she hadn’t been his daughter, he would have found it arousing, as her mother’s always had for him. Interesting how this feature would be passed on hereditarily, he thought as he strapped it more. Now Marge’s bottom was just as pert but much plumper. Maybe he’d give his wife a session with this strap tonight, just for fun…
The daughter’s mind reverted to all the many times she had been in this dreadful position, in trouble for something, feeling guilty, but feeling embarrassed to have to bare her bottom and receive punishment across it. And feeling something else; since Lizzy had gone through puberty years ago, her punishments had stirred something inside her, feelings in her sex that she couldn’t explain. Why would a belt whipping turn her on? But it was undeniable. Now she only hoped that this fearsome thrashing wouldn’t turn her on so much that she’d leave a stain on her parents’ bedcover!
“I think that should be sufficient,” her father said. “If it’s not, I guess you’ll be back here again soon…”
“Yes, sir,” Elizabeth whimpered, but there something else in her voice.
“And before school starts tomorrow, you are to report to that Dean’s office, to tell her that you got strapped at home in support with her measures.”
“Yes, sir. May I go now, please?”
“Yes, off to bed. I hope you can sleep…”
Sleep wasn’t on Lizzy mind. Masturbation was. And her folks would be busy at the dinner table, so wouldn’t hear her getting busy in her bed. Experience had proven it, there was a new rule in this house: get your butt whipped, get off right afterward!

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