#794) Where I Am Right Now, and Others

I do not mean to brag, but I’m feeling especially Merry and Bright right now! I’m looking forward to my trip, looking forward to the holidays, doing preliminary preparations for both.

I loved the last story I just posted, “The Rule in Our House” for lots of reasons! I liked how I linked two different photos (with different models, bedspreads, etc.) in a story that made sense. I LOVED how the father might use his strap on his daughter for hard discipline at 5:30 P.M. and use the same strap on his wife for frolicking at 9:30 P.M. I loved how he saw the similarity between daughter’s and spouse’s bottoms, how he could appreciate the former while punishing it, be in lust with the latter for a lifetime.

This made me think about women who don’t get enough attention in our society, somewhat older women. I remember well when I didn’t turn as many heads anymore, as I grew past that prime of life in my twenties. I wanted to give some of these ladies their due.

First, the photo above is of Diana Rigg and Helen Mirren when they were young and in acting class together. I love how they are delectable fresh flowers here, and, as we all know, aged gracefully and sexually, into the full bloom of womanhood later. That got me thinking…

All of the women I’ll feature seemed to me to be old enough to have a senior daughter in high school, but also still have it going on. I love the comfort the above hottie has in her body.

As well as this woman, who knows with that glance that she’s still got what it takes.

And this beauty who isn’t afraid to show it off at the beach for all to see.

Or this self-assured woman disrobing for her lover. I LOVE the voluptuousness of her body!

Similarly, this radiant female stretched out on her living room couch, that inviting smile saying all we need to know. Does it appear to you, as it does to me, that her bottom has a rosy blush?

So, I’m not as old as any of these ladies yet, but I don’t fear that eventuality. I plan to be just as vibrant, just as fit, just as sexual then as now. And just as insatiable when it comes to the spanking of my bottom!

4 responses to “#794) Where I Am Right Now, and Others”

  1. My marriage ended some years ago but one of the things that never changed, even after it was all over, was that I still desired my wife. My desire for her grew even as she increased in dress size. I never rejected her regardless of shape or size, she always could count on me to be aroused by her. I often see women who are no longer in their “prime” and wonder if they’re husbands still yearn to touch them and show them intimate affection. If I’m ever blessed to be with another woman, she has my oath that I will desire her all of her days. Better still to have a strict wife who will settle for no less than my devotion to her pleasure and be held accountable to her exacting standards.

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