#796) The FIFA World Cup

I am a recent convert to watching soccer. I’ve really enjoyed the World Cup broadcasts and I look forward to Argentina playing France on Sunday!

6 responses to “#796) The FIFA World Cup”

  1. I’m not much of a sports guy but lately I’ve been watching it at work with some of the other Hispanic workers so I can bond with them. Granted, I’m Puerto Rican and we have more of a penchant for baseball, but it’s kinda nice connecting with Latino brethren over a game of futbol. Especially the men. There’s a certain feeling when the guys get together to drink beer and watch a game. As a boy, I tended to be more drawn towards what the women were doing so I never really developed an interest in traditionally male activities. I’ve been feeling the need lately to catch up on connecting with my masculinity. A young man needs to feel like he’s a valuable warrior in the tribe. That he’s a part of the comitatus. Been trying to convince my adoptive mother to have her son-in-law take me hunting. I want to hunt a buck and then feed my family with it. I want to see my adoptive family feast on the prey I have captured so I can see with my own eyes that they will live another day because of what I did with my own hands. I tear up just thinking about that!

    Sorry that this comment took an oddly personal turn

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