#797) The Deputy Headmistress

This is the English counterpart to my American-set story, “The Rule in Our House.” Thanks to an English girlfriend for generously sharing some of her personal experiences! I extrapolated the fiction from there.
Amanda and Elizabeth were sixth-formers, eighteen-year-old girls in school together, best friends since childhood. But beneath that surface-level similarity, there were notable differences. Lizzy was dark haired, reserved externally, but a case of still waters running very deep. Her quiet demeanor hid an underlying boiling caldron of sexual interests and curiosities. Amy was blond, easy-going, what-you-see-is-what-you-get. The two had been getting into trouble, getting each other into trouble their entire academic careers together. Usually, that amounted to talking in-class and similar misdemeanors. That does not mean that the English school system had taken these minor infractions lightly. Both girls had often been sent to the Deputy Headmistress’ office for punishment. These consequences had been steadily increased as they continued. For example, last Tuesday the school girls had been caught defiantly talking openly in-class during a lecture. For this, the two had been sent to Ms. Marshall. Lizzy waited in the office waiting room, within listening distance, while Amy was taken inside, instructed for the first time to take her regulation blue knickers down, to receive ten hard smacks with the Scottish tawse across her bared buttocks. Then Amy came limping out, tear-streaked face and red-swathed rump, while Lizzy went in to get her dose of discipline from Ms. Marshall on the bare.
But today was much more serious. It didn’t concern the inflammatory news that Bobby Briscoll had asked Amy out, something that just HAD to be shared and discussed last Tuesday.
“I wasn’t able to study,” Amy whispered as the Biology test was being passed-out.
“I was, but that doesn’t mean much… I can keep my test uncovered for you though…” Lizzy whispered I reply.
“Would you? That’d be great!” Amy whispered. It did seem great, right up until ten minutes later when Mrs. Andrews came storming up behind the two cheating girls, yanked the test papers off both desks, and sent Amy and Lizzy to Ms. Marshall.
Both girls were ushered into Ms. Marshall’s inner sanctum simultaneously.
“Were you two cheating on the test, as Mrs. Andrews accuses?”
Both girls hung their heads in remorse, mumbled an affirmation.
“Every disciplinary measure I’ve taken has failed, hasn’t seemed to make the slightest difference in your behavior choices,” the woman in charge of all such matters at Ripley School for Girls stated with disbelief and disappointment. “Today we up the ante…”
Both girls looked up to try to ascertain exactly what that meant.
“You are to take your skirts and knickers completely off.” He girls complied.
“You are to face one another, interlock arms so as to be supportive of each other.” Amy and Lizzy did as instructed.
“You are each going to receive the cane across your bared backsides! Not for a simple three stripes, or even ‘six of the best.’ I’m going to give each of you a thrashing you will never forget! If I don’t think a caning is sufficient, I’ll use the plimsole slipper on each of you to hammer my point home. This foolishness ends today! Do you each understand?”
“Yes, ma’am,” they echoed in unison.
“Then hold each other tight. You are responsible for supporting your friend, your accomplice in crime. Now stick your bottoms out. Arch away from the lash and I promise, I’ll give you extras…”
Ms. Marshall started in on Amy’s blond bottom first.
The first stripe made Amy shriek, the second sob, by the third, the normally sunny golden girl was shaking and blubbering and begging for mercy. None was shown. Lizzy was absolutely freaking out as she tried to hold her friend still, hold her upright, do her job. After an eternity of an untold total of lashes, Ms. Marshall paused applying the rod.
“That will suffice for a first set, Miss Amy. Get yourself under control, so you can be as supportive to your cohort as she’s been for you…”
Amy took several deep breaths. Her whole body was quivering. Lizzy couldn’t look her friend in the eye, she was too scared.
“Any advice for your partner in crime…?” Ms. Marshall asked.
“Brace yourself,” Amy offered through her tears, “it hurts like holy hell!”
Lizzy had never been caned. She’d heard the horror stories, of course, even seen the welts on the butt cheeks of an occasional offender in the dormitory after punishment. Now she was one of those girls, a serous offender, a girl who needed her bum striped. She felt Amy’s steely grip on her forearms and returned it. That dreadful swish through the air, making every small hair on her body stand… THWACK! “Owwww!” Lizzy saw red, as the blinding pain flooded her senses. God, that burned like a hot poker! Swish! Oh, fuck, so soon! THWACK! “Aaaahh!” Then it was a rush of sensations one on top of the other, the tears flooding her eyes, tumbling down, the snot too over-powering to sniff back up, the unimaginable pain of the stripes on her tender flesh, three now! This can’t be happening! It hurts so badly! Four! “Have mercy, Ms. Marshall! I’m so sorry!” Five! Fuck, fuck, fuck! it burned so fucking badly! How many stripes had she given Amy? Swish, THWACK! A disembodied voice screaming, a ringing in her ears, more welts burning into her, too many to count, too much to endure…!
She came-to in Amy’s arms, a horrible smell flooding her mind. She opened her eyes. Ms. Marshall filling her field of vision, the smell removed. Slowly returning to reality.
“You passed out,” the Deputy Headmistress stated, and put something in her pocket.
“You needed smelling salts!” Amy declared. “You even peed!”
It was true, Lizzy could feel moisture under her hip. There was a small wet spot on the office carpet. Both women helped her to her feet. Amy kept hold of her arms.
“Do you think you need the slipper in order to remember this lesson?”
“No, ma’am,” they whimpered.
“I’m not so sure… If I have second thoughts, I may be showing-up at your next class to continue your lessons with the plimsole in front of your peers… Is that clear?”
Both girls muttered that it was. It was impossible not to rub the agonizing incandescence raging in both sets of buttocks. But the furious rubbing did nothing to extinguish the flames.
“Listen to me!” Ms. Marshall demanded, and Amy and Lizzy stopped to obey. “You are to proceed back to Mrs. Andrews class. You are both to bare your backsides and show her my handiwork. If she wants to make an example of you, have you show your welted bums to the class, so be it. If I see you back in this office, the ignominy of showing your bottom to one class will be nothing compared to having me cane you in front of the entire school at an assembly! Is that clear?”
They nodded, were left alone to re-dress.
“Did I really pee?” Lizzy asked, mortified.
“Not a lot, just as your eyes rolled back and your knees buckled. It got her to stop the caning! I think I got two more stripes than you…” They both pulled up knickers that made faces wince.
“You were able to keep count?” Lizzy asked, incredulous.
“Yeah, my sisters and I were very competitive growing-up. We had to know who held the record for the most stripes in any one whipping… for the house record, you see. So, I got good at keeping count, no matter how much it hurt.”
“You can gladly have the record! I couldn’t sit down now if I had to…!”
“Better prepare yourself… I bet Mrs. Andrews makes us bare ‘em and sit at our desks for the rest of class…”
Both girls were pariahs during school as the two outlaws, but were ever so popular afterwards, back in the dorm, when every classmate wanted to see their bums-full of welts.

4 responses to “#797) The Deputy Headmistress”

  1. Oh,Jean Marie, your English friend must have been very severely disciplined if her punishment was only half as bad as Amy’s and Lizzie’s! I hope she had to show her bare well-punished bum to her friends!
    Sophie xx

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  2. Wow! What a hot story! So wonderfully descriptive that I was completely captivated. I can only hope that this story will continue. I am having some seriously naughty fantasies about these two lovelies consoling each other.

    Liked by 1 person

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