#800) Finding That Precarious Balance

First, I want to celebrate publishing eight hundred posts in the (less than) one year I’ve been blogging!

Related to that, second, I want to share this evocative photo. I struggle to find balance in my life, teetering between living my life and trying to write coherently and concisely about it, caught between a rock and a hard place of how much to share, how much is too much. I’m a feminist who loves to be dominated, spanked and fucked in the butt. You see? What is sexy and titillating, and what is over-sharing? I’m a shy introvert at heart who shares very private things in a public forum often, about four times daily. I have to work very hard to both live my life and earn my livelihood, juggle demands from everywhere.

This blog feeds me! I love writing and talking about the important topic of sex. I love the liberation of being able to express myself fluently here, something I struggle with in real life. In the past, particularly on weekends, I’d purposefully brat to earn a spanking, relish that punishment, let it fuel my sex drive to seduce my lover, fictionalize those events in my writing, post something here, then do it all over again, sometimes seven or eight times in one day! My naughty bits were getting worn-out, I was developing calluses on the spank spots of my butt cheeks! I’ve since found a happier balance of about four postings per day. I am about to take the first break from daily publishing in eleven months straight. I look forward to traveling, spending time with the one I love, replenishing my soul. When I come back, I may redefine things here yet again, I don’t know. We’ll see. What matters is that I find a comfortable, sustainable, happy balance in all that I do. Whatever I do, it will be with Shakespeare’s maxim in mind, “To thine own self be true.” I blog for me, to grow as a writer, but it is not masturbatory, because I post for you, to make you think, to turn you on. Balance.

5 responses to “#800) Finding That Precarious Balance”

  1. Jean Marie,
    Your productivity is simply amazing! I don’t know how you do it, but I certainly enjoy your posts. Have a wonderful, well deserved, break.

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