#802) The Naughty List

(This essay is not my thinking. I have a friend, a traditional, fundamentalist Christian friend, who does believe the following words. In all sincerity, she is one of the most beautiful young ladies I’ve ever seen. (She is young at twenty-five-years old, and that estimation includes the many professional models I’ve known.) She practices corporal punishment in her marriage to the one and only man she’s ever shared sexual relations with; she asks her husband to spank her soundly for anything he finds wrong in her behavior or thinking. This is my writing down of her thoughts, as she’s expressed them to me over our several-year-long friendship. What do you think?)

Christmas is highly anticipated by Christians around the world. The child in all of us looks forward presents as an expression of love, piled high under the tree in living rooms throughout the nations.

Less mention is made today of the Naughty List, but the fact is that Santa keeps accounts, checks it for accuracy, and some people don’t receive gifts, therefore. At least, not what they asked for in their letters to Kris Kringle.

Above is a photo of Father Christmas with two young ladies on his Naughty List. These two, among MANY others, aren’t going to have a Christmas morning filled with comfort and joy. He’ll be comforting them soon enough, after they each take a trip across his knee. Let’s do a deep dive into three specific cases.

This is model Lele Pons in the above photo. (We’ve shown pictures of her before here, such as in a big hat and little else on the beach.) Lele is a cock-tease. She enjoys titillating men (and not a few women) with the hope that they will get to spend the night with Lele, enjoying her many charms. But it’s false hope. This cock and clit-tease has a present in her hands, but little does she realize that, under the gift-wrapping, the box contains a paddle for Lele’s bottom.

This model has been captured attending a movie premiere. She has a small part in this movie. During the making of this feature film, the actress became “romantically involved” with her leading man, the director, and one of the producers, all while she was still leading-on a boyfriend back home in Iowa. She was generous in sharing a communicable, sexually-transmitted disease with all of them. Santa takes a dim view of such shenanigans, he sees her when she’s sleeping around.

Finally, there’s this vixen, who goes by the stage-name of Echo and works at a strip club, entertaining the audience with her nudity. This, in itself, is not wrong; many college students “work their way through school” in this way. God created the miraculous human body to be appealing sexually. The problem arises when she sells that body, as she does to several regular clients, as well as the boss at the Odd Ball, the club where she works.

All of these young ladies will awaken on Christmas morning to find a switch in their stockings, hung by the chimney with care. Such is the fate of bad little girls like these. Let that be a lesson to everyone! Sex is a multi-faceted, precious jewel. One of those facets is procreation; it’s primary purpose is to make babies. If we are going to use it for other purposes, such as bonding in a special way with a loved one, we must be careful and responsible, in my view. This perspective sounds puritanical, but is actually rather open-minded, both among many Christians and people of other faiths around the world today. God didn’t give us the Ten Suggestions, as some people seem to think in this modern age. Some individuals are still stoned to death for flaunting the breaking of these precepts in many places today! Yes, there are less than ten “sleeps” until Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you should sleep-around. I think of Santa Claus as a parental concept, a way to instill the reverence for God’s will on impressionable children.

6 responses to “#802) The Naughty List”

      • Yeah, but those thoughts aren’t particularly charitable, and imho do not do anything to help the “world go round”. I’m all for spanking naughty girls (and boys) like you (and me) that want and need it, but the unfortunates in the story not so much. xoxox

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  1. Jean Marie, I too know of churches where the wives of all ages regularly get their bottoms bared and spanked by their husbands…often just before they go to church where they have to sit on hard wooden pews on their sore behinds!
    Sophie x


  2. ” I too know of churches where the wives of all ages regularly get their bottoms bared and spanked by their husbands…often just before they go to church…”

    Oh, I wanna’ hear more about that church!



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