#803) One Handle or Two

Confession time: I like my hair pulled. When I’m in a sexy, frisky mood, I like to have my hair pulled so that my head is slowly, steadily yanked backwards, so that my lover can tell me face-to-face whatever he wants to say, whether that’s how good we are together, or how bad I’ve been, or what he’s going to do to me next…

I had a past boyfriend who really liked for me to put my hair in pigtails. I’m not a little, and he wasn’t a child-molester, he just really liked it, so I’d cooperate. But this meant that he had to use both of his hands, to pull both tails, and his hands then weren’t free to do “other stuff.”

I much prefer to wear a ponytail, so Robert can pull my hair, but still keep fingering my sex or rosebud as he does so. Live and learn…

4 responses to “#803) One Handle or Two”

  1. I love the feel of a man’s hand as it slides up my neck and into my hair…giving it a gentle tug. My hair is usually worn down, even during sex, but I do like the idea of handles. Like you, probably just a pony tail though so his other hand is free for naughtier endeavors….

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    • That’s interesting, AJ. I Love a gentle steady pull, not a yank or anything sudden or hard. (I also like my pubic patch pulled in the same way, that’s why I leave a little hair there.)


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