#807) Photo Cleanse #3

Before I leave, I thought I’d “clean house” and show you some shots that I didn’t use on recent posts. I comb the Internet to find what pleases me, and it’s gratifying to share this with you along with my word-pictures.

Yes, I’m probably damned to hell for going where I go, looking at what is there, touching myself as much as I do!

ANY TIME I come across a photo of Olivia Culpo, you can be assured I’ll stop, peruse, play with myself. I just LOVE her!

I didn’t use this shot of a girl bundled for the cold but with her butt bare. (I found other, similar shots more alluring.) That doesn’t mean that this lass doesn’t need her ass warmed (to ward-off the winter chill)!

I didn’t use this photo about camping, but thought you might like to see it, nonetheless.

Another photo I decided not to use with a piece. Do guys find this arousing, seeing a girl’s tonsils, thinking that just because she can open wide, she can give good head?

This girl hasn’t yet learned how to sit in a chair properly (but I like her Chucks kicks).

This is a middle-aged hottie that I didn’t feature in my story about growing older (but she is, and well, too; I hope I look as good when I’m her age).

And two last shots about big boobies (as seen from behind).

When I find a photo that intrigues me, I save it along with the name of the model, photographer, or website if I can. As always, feel free to “borrow” a photo from my site, just as I have previously.

3 responses to “#807) Photo Cleanse #3”

  1. That middle-aged hottie pic? Sure, spanking sex and everything else – what first hit me was her smile and guess that she would be one FUN person to know!! Look at that smile!


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