#808) So Long For Now

This will be my last post until I return from traveling sometime after Christmas (but before the New Year). I look forward to being completely off-the-grid.

I need to recharge. I want to live some spicy stuff so that I can then write about it for you.

I wish you all the happiest of holidays, whatever one you observe! Please realize that I will not be able to post or answer any comments for over a week. Thank you!

9 responses to “#808) So Long For Now”

  1. My word, you work at some pace. I logged on in order to post a comment about your breast size musings only to find several newer posts. I left my comment anyway. Enjoy your well deserved break and please post again on your return. I love your blog and thank you for all your hard work.

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    • I DO love writing, getting sexy, sharing my work with the like-minded. THANK YOU for commenting and reading and being so kind, SusieP! I may break back into blogging slowly, but I shall persevere. Please keep commenting; I want to know what you think!
      Jean Marie


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