#809) “I’m Ba-a-a-a-ck!”

I feel a bit like the photo above, back but upside-down and discombobulated.

It was a very good trip! We didn’t get delayed by the weather, it was just the right length of time, saw and did a lot. I did not write or even think about writing the whole time, which for me to disconnect like that is huge!

Just to thumbnail the experience, we went to the West Coast. I saw some old haunts in Los Angeles. We stayed for a short visit with Robert’s parents. They seemed to like me and approve of our relationship. (They have no idea that we’re spankos; Robert stayed in his old bedroom and I in the guest room.) (Just one tangent to take here; Robert’s parents are a really cute couple, clearly still very attracted to one another sexually, still very much in love. It made me feel wonderful that Robert has such great role models. It also made me wish that they ARE spankos, still spending their nights playing sinfully often even after about forty years of marriage!) Then we went to stay in a really cool, really ritzy hotel (one of several, in fact), the Chateau Marmont on the Sunset Strip, where we were free to frolic as openly as we liked. I slathered up in sunblock and read my book, “Butts: A Backstory” by Heather Radke, by the pool in my black two-piece bathing suit. With Robert’s permission, I even took my top off for a little bit of sun on my titties, drawing lots of looks from the Hollywood types and vacationers alike. Afterward, we made the hotel room echo with the loud sounds of spanking and love-making late into the night. Went to Westwood, saw the decrepit old L.A. zoo, shopped, ate out at superb restaurants.

We drove down to San Diego to visit their spectacular zoo, do more sightseeing, eating out at more great restaurants.

Took the rental car back north, stayed one night at a Beverly Hills hotel, then went up the coast to visit Santa Barbara, this idyllic community right on the coast.

I’ll develop all of the above in future stories here as time allows. One fun episode to relate in conclusion. We are at the LAX airport ready to come home. They announce that the flight is overbooked, and they will pay any two people who wishes to change their plans and fly later with a gift-card. Robert and I start to talk about the feasibility of this when they raise the amount of that gift-card to $1,200. Still, no one goes to talk to the airline counter personnel. Robert and I saunter up to them, and he negotiates, asking how much sweeter they can make the deal. By the end, they gave us each a voucher and each an Amazon gift-card for $1,500.!

Robert belongs to the Sky Club of this airline because he travels so much on business. With hours now to waste, we go in. The place is almost deserted, due to the lateness of the hour, and I notice that all the members present are male. I took Robert into the deserted female bathroom and fucked his eyeballs out in the handicapped stall. We also had a really meaningful discussion when we were through and clothed and back sipping drinks.

We’ve only been home a few hours. Robert is sleeping blissfully, but my body clock is out of whack. To help him get to sleep, I presented myself to him in the nude and informed him that I needed a stern spanking.

“What for this time?” he chortled.

“Well, it was bad of me to monopolize that handicapped bathroom stall… and I did over-pack for the trip, even though you warned me not to…”

This seemed sufficient-enough an excuse; he spanked my already bruised butt really soundly. Then we made sweet love back in our own bed. I feel at peace, happy to be home, happy to have shared some experiences and made some memories. I’m happy to have a radiantly glowing bottom and sated lady-parts. I’ll get back on schedule over time and restart posting here in the near future. There is MUCH more to tell. But, for now, it’s enough that I’m back…

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