#810) Where I’ve Never Been Before

I have always had a backlog of at least a story or two. But this morning I have NOTHING ready to post. I can’t spend the morning as I’d like to by writing and posting; I have to run errands like grocery shopping and a library visit. Don’t know when we’ll take down all the Christmas decorations…

So I WILL post here soon, just not right away. And I’m okay with that. For the first time since I don’t remember when, I don’t feel this burning desire to have to write. I am at a really good place, with my bottom very well spanked, and my sex very satisfied, and my heart overflowing with love. I hope that each and every one of you is in as good a place!

But I want to leave you with something to hold you over. A smile. I’ve been smiling a lot recently, almost like a stoner who doesn’t even realize that I am smiling. This made me think about smiles. So many of the photos that I post here are of attractive models with appealing bottoms, but who are also displaying those fake, surface-level smiles, the ones that are are only as deep as their lips and perfect teeth. I came across some pictures of models REALLY, JOYOUSLY smiling or laughing. I wanted to share these with you, my friends. Look at the photo above, please. This woman is honestly enjoying herself, her glee is infectious! You can practically hear the gales of laughter cascading out of her…

Look at this beguiling, big, beautiful lass, look at the way she’s looking back at the cameraman. That isn’t just the sun’s rosy glow in her facial cheeks. This lass has jest been fucked, pleasured, fulfilled! Contentment radiates off of her. But she’s not yet totally satisfied, completely sated, done. She wants it again, as soon as possible. I imagine her taking that forearm that’s pressing against her tummy, that wrist that pressing against her pulsing pussy away so as to take you by the hand, lead you back to the seaside bungalow, to do the nasty deed again…

And look at this earnestly smiling beauty. She wants to get fucked; that’s a “come hither” smile if ever I saw one. I saw a smile like this on a woman’s face during our trip. I responded with a smile of my own. I can’t wait to tell you some of the details! But I must wait, run errands, digest more to process all that transpired, and then try to put the magical and ethereal into words. So, more is coming, but you’ll have to be patient…

2 responses to “#810) Where I’ve Never Been Before”

  1. I just LOVE pics of coquette women smiling before, during or after a spanking, either giving or receiving. The don’t have to be professional models, either, just women you see every day having fun. They make me feel good!

    If I can find some of them (i.e., not deleted) hidden in one of my files, I will send them to you.


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    • I think I’ve smiled my way through just as many spankings as I’ve grimaced at receiving. I know that I’ve smiled before, during, and after every one of the spankings Robert has bestowed on me except one brutally hard punishment that I hated but deserved.
      I would LOVE to see other photos of past girlfriends smiling with tears in their eyes, and a glow in all sets of cheeks, if you can find them and want to send them!
      Thanks for being such a faithful reader!


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