#811) A Rite of Passage or…

Another time, I will go back and tell you details about the first part of our holiday trip. But I want to jump ahead to about half way through our itinerary to tell you about a big event.
We drove in a rental car up from San Diego to spend another night in Los Angeles, before driving further up the coast (on Highway One) to Santa Barbara. Instead of imposing on Robert’s parents once again, this time we stayed in an iconic Beverly Hills hotel. I purposefully am not naming it outright to protect identities, but think you’ll be able to make sense of it all.
As much as I love traveling, especially with Robert, it throws my system off. I don’t sleep well, I don’t digest well. I tried taking Metamucil, feeling like some geriatric, but even that didn’t help. So, at this wonderful hotel there were lots of amenities, one of which was an exercise class. Thinking that this might help me adjust, I signed-up for a private one, and Robert said that he’d like to join me. I was glad that it was a private session because we didn’t pack work-out gear, per se, so made due with swimsuits. One of the walls of the studio was covered with credentials, certificates, and such, proclaiming that our instructor, I’ll call her Gillian, was knowledgeable and well trained. When she greeted us, I saw that that she was also stunning. Not pretty in the conventional sense, she had a “Pilates hottie” body and a very round face with a weak chin (the only thing about her that could possibly be described as weak), which gave her a pixie-like look. She looked like a cute elf. She also had a disarming smile, not just something that curled her lips; when Gillian smiled, you felt that she really was happy, that the whole world was happy, that nothing bad existed anymore. I liked her immediately.
She led us through a lot of stretches and exercises, complimenting Robert on his upper body strength and me on my flexibility. She assisted me in getting the full benefit of some stretches, positioning herself between my legs and gently but firmly pushing me further to open, to push my limits. She didn’t seem put-off by my stuttering, something I attributed to the fact that we were paying customers. We were all three sweating and invigorated by the end of the hour and a half.
On our way back to our room, I whispered to Robert, “Were you attracted to Gillian?”
He replied, “She has an interesting face, but is too slender for my taste.” He patted my bottom to make it clear what he found lacking in this trim professional trainer. Then he returned the question, “Were you attracted to her?”
“Yes. Yes, I was!” I said honestly.
We showered together, got dressed, went out on the town. At about nine P.M. we were returning to our room when a couple came down the hallway from the opposite direction. It always takes me a minute to get those keyless cards to work in the door locks of hotels, so were standing there when this couple stopped at the room next to ours. I looked up to see Gillian going into the room with another female. Excuse me if I offend, but my job is to be descriptive, and I remember thinking that the woman with Gillian was rather butch looking, big-boned, masculine. As Robert and I got ready for bed, we heard them through the wall. This is a fancy, top-notch hotel, the walls are thick. This couple was getting busy and getting loud as they did so. Lots of loud moaning and shrieks transpired. To try to keep from listening, Robert and I started to frolic in our own special way. For the umpteenth time, Robert spanked me good and hard, then made love with me even more energetically.
The next morning, we went downstairs. This hotel has a famous eatery (named after an equestrian sport) and wanting to get the full tourist experience, we wanted to try it. We sat against the wall of brightly colored tropical green leaves-covered wallpaper and ordered a big breakfast. (I was still constipated and trying to break-up the logjam in my intestines.) I saw through the lounge’s doorway as Gillian kissed her roommate/lover/whatever goodbye, and then watched her walk into the eatery alone. She sat at a nearby table. I exchanged a look with Robert, then leaned over and greeted Gillian.
“Hi, remember us from yesterday?”
“Oh, yes, nice to see you again!” her radiant smile seemed to confirm this as her true feelings, so I felt emboldened.
“Please don’t eat alone, join us…” I stuttered. She did. We talked about how great a city L.A. is, how I used to know it, but that it’d grown since I was last here. She asked what I did when I lived there, and when she heard that I modeled, she went off.
“I knew it! There is just something about you that looks like a model,” she enthused.
“Not anymore,” I demurred, blushing profusely.
“Don’t be modest, you’re very striking! I was stunned when I first met you,” then, thinking that this was too bold, Gillian added, “You are a lovely couple!” as if to get back to innocent conversation.
I was just about to talk about the weather, how nice a change it was from where we came from, when Robert spoke up.
“I hope that we didn’t disturb you last night. The walls of this hotel are surprisingly thin for some place so famous…”
We all froze stock still as our food was presented by the waiters. During this time Gillian blushed crimson, and I blushed too, realizing that they had heard us.
When we were alone once more, Robert pressed the issue. “The reason I broach this indelicate topic is that Jean here has always harbored bi-curious desires. She finds you attractive. I was wondering if you reciprocated that attraction, if Jeanie could explore…”
“Please be quiet, lover,” I stuttered. “I’ll do my own talking… It’s true, I think you are as cute as can be. And I have always wondered what it would be like to…”
“You are the people next door to where I spent the night?” Gillian asked. We nodded. “What were you doing in there? Micheline and I heard you!”
“Robert was spanking me… for fun, it wasn’t abuse…” I answered to try to calm the alarm on Gillian’s face.
“…What would you like to do together? Would I be expected to spank…?”
“Oh, no! Just regular lesbian stuff,” I reassured quickly.
“Are you swingers?” she persisted.
“No! This is the first time we’ve ever…” I was able to get out before Gillian interrupted me.
She leaned in close, but said loud enough for both of us to hear, hell, for the whole quiet restaurant to hear, “In that case, I would love to lick your pussy, teach you how to lick mine…” Her enchanting smile left her face as she puckered up and kissed my mouth.
It was so soft a kiss. I realized that there was no masculine stubble, so had no point of reference for this one. It was so insistent a kiss, pressing into my mouth. I remember feeling the slightly sticky but very slick lip-gloss and wondering if her vaginal lips would be the same, then I opened and our tongues danced and teased and explored and I wanted this kiss to last forever and I wanted to do the same to her pussy. My hands caressed her face as we kissed on and on, and I wanted to move them down to cup her breasts. The phrase, “Get a room!” crossed my mind, and I ecstatically realized that we had one right upstairs. I pulled away, took Gillian by the hand, couldn’t think of a thing to say, so wordlessly walked her to the elevator.
If kissing her mouth was heavenly, getting even more intimate was divine. The same soft insistence was applied to my pussy. I tasted her tangy, pungent, slipperiness and cried at the exquisiteness of it all. She was like me yet entirely different. Hours flashed by in an instant. The same expertise Gillian put into fitness she put into training me to lick her thick-lipped magnificence. It was like I was being eaten out by my own mouth; she knew just how much pressure to bring to bear, just how to tease my clit into aching for more, then giving that “more.” She exhausted me with orgasm after orgasm. I must have fallen asleep because she roused me by eating out my ass hole. I’d had wet dreams as an adolescent where I climaxed and then woke up feeling so happy. But this was being fully asleep and feeling the most incredible sensations and waking up while climaxing. How disorienting this was! That was the word that washed over me as I realized it was Gillian with her face buried deep between my buttocks, her tongue deliciously driving into me rectally. I no longer knew if I was straight or gay or… It rocked my world to my core; I love this so much, I thought, I must be queer! Then I looked over at Robert sitting bedside watching us cavort, and I remembered how much I love him, how much I love his dick in my sex, up my butt. I just laid back and let all the feels wash over me, unwilling to try to define or label or limit.
I felt a moment of clarity lying on the crisp bed linens, sticky and sweaty and sated. This. Is. The. Most. Content. I. Have. Ever. Felt. In. My. Life.
Gillian raised her head. That smile disarmed us yet again, but her eyes held concern. “Your butt is very bruised!”
“Yes! Isn’t it pretty like that?” I responded. “Robert keeps me in a near-constant state of red and warm or purple and sore. It turns me on so much!”
“I feel like I’ve just put on a show, a lesbian exhibition… I’d really like for you two to put on a show now, a kinky exhibition…”
I got up and rushed to Robert’s side. I knelt by his chair, took his hand and kissed it. “Will you spank me, lover? I’ve been a really nasty little girl…”
He put me in my place, the place I love to occupy. I stared at the intricate pattern of the thick carpet, an inch from my nose. He didn’t keep me waiting. Robert spanked me very soundly, showing no quarter, giving my bruised butt a real going-over. I gave over to the impulse and cried for joy as he spanked me mercilessly. Robert stood me up suddenly and I rubbed my stinging bottom unabashedly, like a little girl who didn’t care that her sister was watching her chastisement, who just had to rub out the fire consuming her backside. He walked me back over to the bed and helped me lie down. He took a condom off the dresser top and put it on, then entered me in the spoon position from behind. It was obvious to Gillian that we were both very aroused, that we were sharing love-making our way. She laid down facing me, placed one finger on my erect clit, the other hand on my hard-nippled titty, and her sensuous mouth upon my moaning one. I was sandwiched between Robert’s hardness and thrusts, and Gillian’s soft places and overtures. I came and came and gushed and farted and giggled in embarrassment and came some more. I had let loose and opened up and revealed my true self to Gillian in a matter of hours in a way that took me weeks to do for Robert. This is me, I said with my body language, thighs splayed open wide, a stuttering, farting, cum-machine of a spanko bottom for all to see. Gillian didn’t seem to judge. She kissed my pubis, my left nipple, my mouth, then Robert’s mouth.
“I’ve gotta run. This was fun! I wish you both all the best; you are a wonderful couple!” She scooped up her clothes, got dressed in the other room, and was gone.
Robert didn’t ask me any questions. I was glad because I didn’t have any answers. He just spooned me and held me. We napped. When I was sure he was asleep, I cried a little bit, not out of sadness, just because it felt like what I needed at this confused moment. He stirred awake. I felt his erection press against my bottom. I arched back into him.
“Fuck me up my noisy butt hole, would you please, lover?”
He lubed my aperture and then his rubber-covered erection and entered me. He knows that I usually like to feel possessed back there, fully filled, but not vigorously fucked. But this time he gave me a rogering, a raunchy, deep butt fucking. I came and flexed and milked the climax out of him with my spasming. Then I was finally able to run to the bathroom and have a bowel movement for the first time in days.
I came back from the loo imitating a macho strut. “I think I now know what it’s like to be a man. I tasted a delectable pussy and had a satisfying shit!” This had the desired effect and made my lover laugh. The giddiness covered the essential questioning I was dealing with inside.

4 responses to “#811) A Rite of Passage or…”

  1. I loved this snippet:

    “…What would you like to do together? Would I be expected to spank…?”
    “Oh, no! Just regular lesbian stuff,” I reassured quickly.

    Being a submissive man, I think about being spanked then tied and allowed to watch girl on girl pussy licking, but not prevented from taking part (at least for awhile).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Robert confided in me afterward that watching his lover cavort with another woman was one of the most arousing things he’s ever witnessed. It still has my mind reeling! Thanks for commenting, Rosco!


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