#813) At Robert’s Parents

Robert told me in advance that we would be settled into separate bedrooms when visiting his parents’ home. He explained that they weren’t that conservative, weren’t fundamentalist Christians. It was just that it was their house and therefore their rules applied. I secretly think that his mother didn’t want to think of her son fucking any woman, no girl was good enough. I felt that I scored some points with her by helping to cook the homemade meal and set the table, etc. I endured the question-and-answer session with them both during dinner, and afterward in the living room. I stuttered, but not too badly. And I didn’t bring up subjects like sex, spanking, butt sex, Dominance and submission, kinky sex.
With the door open and all of our feet firmly on the floor, I got to explore Robert’s bedroom, just as it was when he left home. It revealed that he had been a track star, both as a two-miler and a cross country runner. It revealed that he had some esoteric and unusual hobbies (more about this in the future sometime). It revealed that he had a kinky library that mirrored some books of my own, like the “A Man With a Maid” series of books, “The Reckoning,” and “Different Loving.”
Then I went into the guest bedroom, where I was sequestered. It was a bland as Robert’s room was fascinating. I got under the heavy covers and enjoyed the cool sheets. I closed my eyes. Sleep wouldn’t come. I reached under the bedclothes and my PJ’s and touched myself. I thought about Robert across the hall, how handsome he is, how much I love how his mind works, how much I love how his cock works, and his right hand. I bit the pillow and thought I stifled my moans and groans from a really good climax. If absence makes the heart grow fonder (and I proved this as true when Robert was away traveling half a year ago), what does abstinence make? It makes this little vixen horny. I thought some more about Robert, how much I would have liked to know him in high school, how badly I needed a sound spanking, and I bit down again and rubbed another one out. I drifted off into a fitful sleep. I awoke at dawn, wondered if I could possibly creep across the hall and awaken my lover with a silent blow-job and secret fuck. Deciding that I didn’t dare, I fantasized about what it’d be like if I did, if I got caught, if I were spanked by his dad, then his mom, and finally by Robert, too. This got me hot. I reached down yet again, fingered and frigged, bit the pillow, and gritted my teeth through another series of really nice orgasms. I put on my robe and went to take a shower. Coming down to breakfast, it was immediately obvious by all the faces that greeted me that I had not been silent enough in my nocturnal activities. Robert was smirking, his dad was blushing but effusive, his mom stony cold and silent. I wondered what it’d be like to bend over the breakfast table and flip my skirt up in order to give everyone a turn at disciplining my errors. These thoughts made my pussy twinge anew, so I made polite, bland conversation. While stuttering through inoffensive topics, I kept thinking to myself. I was not sorry for showing that I am a sexual being, that I have needs. If my needs cannot be met by my lover, their son, I’ll take matters into my own hands. Maybe next time I won’t bother to try to stifle my moans. But I said none of this, I was polite, with a fake smile hurting my face. We said our pleasant fare wells.
In the rental car, as we struck off to see the sights and visit old haunts, Robert was still smirking. I had to rant, so poured it all out into his lap.
“It isn’t the sex! At least not just the sex! It’s the fact that we are intimate, that you know me better than any man ever has! That I trust you like no one else on earth. You are my Goldilocks lover, just right, just the perfect balance of comfort and edginess, just the right blend of predictability and surprise, just the right, huge amount of spanking and discipline and punishment and good girl rewards across my deserving ass! Just the right, huge amount of sex, sex just like we like it, raw and dirty and rough, and sweet and tender and poignant, in my snatch and up my ass! If your mother can’t accept that, then I’m sorry but not sorry! I love you and I don’t care who knows it, I love fucking with you and I don’t care who knows it, I love submitting to you and I don’t care who overhears us! Pull over!”
Robert does and I kiss him and unzip him and get his tumescence out and I spit into my palm and I jack him off roughly. Then I leap out of the car, leaving the door open, and yell over my shoulder, “Follow me…”
He takes the time to put his manhood away, which disappoints me, so I decide to try to make it explode in his pants. I pull my jeans and underpants down and bend over the guardrail on the side of the road. “If you want to take your belt off and whip me, there’s my ass!” I proclaim and arch it out. “If you are ashamed of me for being sexual, punish me for it! If you are more your mother’s boy than my man, go ahead and take it out on my bottom…!”
Robert looks me straight in the eyes, sees the fire that blazes there. He then slowly sinks down to his knees. My Dominant lover is kneeling before me out in public for anyone to see. He kisses my bared butt, parts me and French kisses my crack and anus. I swoon. I have never been more in love with anyone. He has answered all my challenges, answered me eloquently, proclaimed himself as mine. I sink to my knees, forcing him to remove his head from between my cheeks, so I can kiss him, hold him. A car drives by, I feel the cool whoosh and realize I’m bare-assed. I struggle to pull my pants back up, giggling and feeling foolish and feeling so in love.
When we get to our new digs, the decadent old Chateau Marmont, Robert belt whips my buttocks hard and butt fucks me. All the while, I’m crying out at the top of my lungs, “I love Robert X!” over and over and over. It was going to be a marvelous vacation, the perfect holiday.

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