#814) Head Over Heels and Vice Versa

She fell head over heels in love with him.

She felt so vulnerable, so exposed, especially when she revealed this fact to him.

How ironic, then, that he chose to punish her from that moment on in the diapering position, Heels raised over her head. Buttocks stretched taut, so vulnerable, so exposed. Whether in the living room with his hand, or on their bed with the leather tawse, or on the bathroom floor with her hairbrush, or wherever, he wouldn’t let her hide her feelings by putting her over his knee. He liked being able to look her in the eye as he punished her, at least until she couldn’t take it anymore, and squeezed her eyes shut, and let the tears flow, and the feelings wash over her.

When he was done, he would rest her heels on his shoulders, look her in the eye as he parted her, entered her, made it all better with sex, at least until she couldn’t endure the ecstasy any longer, and she had to squeeze her eyes shut, let the tears of joy and release flow, let all the feels wash over her.

3 responses to “#814) Head Over Heels and Vice Versa”

  1. What a beautiful story, Jean Marie! Truly, a masterpiece. Tying together all the most important parts: the vulnerability, closeness, intimacy, letting go, all rolled in one story. Bravo!
    I always wondered about this position (someone, please make up a new name for it) as the most vulnerable, intimate, hurting, and childish so to speak, and yet probably the only one that allows to look in the eyes, the only one with nowhere to hide.
    Now I have to write a story of my own about it. Thank you for your story and for the inspiration!!

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    • Yes, I’d prefer it have a different, better name! But my mother told me once (years ago before she passed) that I used to giggle gleefully when I had my diaper changed. Big surprise?! I was destined to focus on butt stuff!
      I am SO pleased my work was inspirational, I SO look forward to your writing!


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