#815) A Santa Barbara Christmas

Santa Claus visited us while we visited Santa Barbara this year. It made me reflect.
Colored lights strung all over palm tree is something I’ll never get used to. Sunbathing by a warm swimming pool on Christmas day is something I could get used to, especially as we heard about much of the country being in a deep freeze. They say that Santa Barbara has some of the consistently best weather among all the contiguous United States. At the same time, having seasons helps you remember that time is, indeed, passing, and one should be growing, evolving, too.
The quaint community of Santa Barbara is lovely; no wonder that deep-pocketed celebs like Oprah and Harry & Megan have decided to live there. The Ritz-Carlton is especially lovely, just a short hour and a half drive up Route One and the 101 freeway from L. A. It has incredible ambiance, a sumptuous buffet, lavishly comfortable rooms with impeccable service.
This trip was our only present to one another. We did not consider it bad form that we regifted to one another this year. Robert gave me his hard hand, liberally applied to my butt. He gave me his hard penis, vigorously applied to my many desirous receptacles. He was very generous! He gave me these cherished gifts repeatedly. But it was nothing I hadn’t gotten many times before. In the same manner, I gave him all of me, what he already possessed. I feel blessed to have found a mate who is just as voracious in sexual appetites as I am. Every day, we wake up ravenous for one another all over again, like it was our first time. If this gets tedious for you to hear about, I’m sorry, not sorry! It is life affirming, life renewing, someday maybe life creating energy that I thank God for daily!
This short entry does not have near-enough graphic sex and spanking to please me, so I will post another, accompanying piece along with it. I’ve kept you in suspense long enough; I’ve been fairly bursting trying to hold my news up to now.

2 responses to “#815) A Santa Barbara Christmas”

  1. I miss Santa Barbara. My husband’s grandparents lived there for most of their lives and we used to visit once or twice a year. Now that they have passed, we haven’t been back. Lovely beaches (though be careful of the beach tar there), and great shopping on State Street. My favorite memory though was driving way up into the mountains overlooking Santa Barbara and watching the sunset over the ocean. Such a beautiful place ❤

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