#816) While Waiting in a Sky Club Lounge

We’d had a fantastic vacation on the West Coast. We’d given-up our seats on the overbooked flight I scheduled us on, so now had hours to waste in the dismal LAX airport. Because he travels so much on business, Robert belongs to this airline’s private, members only Sky Club. He pressed his code into the door and escorted me into its more luxurious confines. Unlike outside in the regular terminal, here it wasn’t crowded. One old guy was snoozing in a chair, another middle-aged gent was reading, and there was the bartender behind the long bar, who nodded to Robert as we entered.
Hmmm, I thought to myself; all men in here… I took Robert by the hand and led him into a side hallway where the two genderized bathrooms were located. I pulled him into the female’s facility.
“I don’t think you’ll be able to get away with spanking me. It’ll be too noisy and we’ll get busted. But do you want to fuck?” I pulled my blue jeans and panties down in front to expose my pubic patch, that was all the incentive Robert needed.
He pushed me into the handicapped stall where we had more room to maneuver. In an instant he had my pants down around my knees and was entering my wet pussy from behind. My lover hammered into me, nailing me up against the partition. I turned forty-five degrees on my heel so that I could lean over the toilet against the cinder block wall to be less disruptive. He fucked me hard, hungrily. This is what sex should be, I told myself; passionate and insistent and raw. He parted my buttocks with both his hands as his hips continued to pummeled me. I felt a droplet of drooled saliva hit the bull’s eye of my butt hole before Robert fingered it up my rectum. I grunted at the welcomed intrusion, and with his free hand, Robert turned my head so I faced as far over my shoulder as muscle and bone would allow, then put his mouth over mine to silence me. His hand then ventured into my blouse, freed my tits from the worthless little bra, and pinched my nipples one after the other, just as hard as the rest of his actions. I whimpered into Robert’s mouth. I bathed his manhood with a gush of jism. I slammed my hips back into him to impale my anus on his finger all the way to the knuckle. Then I cried out loudly, gripped his cock with all my vagina’s velvety strength, and nearly broke his hand between my ass cheeks.
“Oh, that was good!” I exclaimed when I was able to speak. A moment of lucid clarity cut through the fogginess of my climax-addled brain, and it occurred to me that my words were stupid, offensive. It wasn’t good. It was fucking phenomenal! I had the fleeting thought that I wished Robert would haul off and spank me right then and there for being so vacuous, the consequences of the loud thrashing be damned. I recovered enough to stammer, “I mean, it was… intense! …Just what I needed! …Thank you!”
Robert pulled his erection from out of my depths, a move that always makes me want to cry out loud for how bereft it leaves me feeling. Why does he do that? I wondered in agonized silence. I wish he’d leave it in me, keep us joined together until his manhood shrunk down so much that it popped out on its own. If I could change one thing about him, that would be it, I thought in fuming silence. Then he wiped his still-dripping dick off against my butt cheeks, one way across my right orb for the left side of his sex-slick member, then the opposite way on my left cheek to wipe off the right side of his meatus. It was like I was the hand towel for him to wipe himself off with, regardless of the fact that it just left me all the more cum covered. He’d never done this before, but it infuriated me. I yanked off a long section of toilet paper to wipe my cheeks clean before turning around to sit on the commode to try to pee some of his prodigious ejaculate out. Then I looked up at him, and all my fury disappeared. I realized that I was getting annoyed with Robert for being male, especially because I was so confused about what had transpired with Gillian. Robert was looking at me with such love, devotion, caring; I melted.
“Could you give me a moment’s privacy, lover?”
“…Oh, sure…” he fumbled and put his cock back in his pants, closed the cubicle’s door, washed his hands and left the lavatory.
I tried to sort out my feelings as they occurred to me. He just came inside you, but it’s a safe time of the month, it’s okay! That’s what men do, cum on you and in you and leave a messy trail behind them. You do love him deeply! He’s your lover and your best friend and your Top and your sounding board and a surrogate daddy and all you could ever hope a man could be. But then there are your bi-sexual desires. Gillian was a fuck of a lot of fun, but she’s on the left coast, far away from where you live and work. But did opening her thighs and licking her exposed pussy open a Pandora’s box? I started to cry.
I continued to ruminate through the flow of tears. Part of it might be that you would love to have Robert cum inside you when you are most fertile, to start a family before your biological clock explodes like the time bomb it actually is. Experimenting with Gillian didn’t “get my curiosities out of my system,” as I hoped a lesbian escapade would. If anything, it made me want to experiment more. It made me want to be Topped by a woman. Moreover, it really made me long for Topping another woman, to see what that’s like. Is having some unknown woman glaze my face with her juices really so important? Isn’t it just the icing on a substantial cake that you already have with Robert? Can you really have it all, your cake and a full tummy, too, spankings and fuckings and a loving relationship with both a man and a woman, if such a woman even exists?
Those were some of the questions ricocheting around my brain, making my heart heavy and my tummy queasy and my tears pour. I got up off the toilet, got dressed, repaired my make-up as best I could, and came out to rejoin Robert. The bartender gave me the side eye.
“Has my boyfriend ordered anything?” He shook his head. “Then give him a Jack Daniels black label on the rocks, and me a rusty nail. In fact, make them both doubles, please.”
I’d fallen off the wagon on this trip already, having wine with several dinners out, and an eggnog and bourbon on Christmas eve. I brought the two glasses over and sat next to Robert on a comfy couch. There was no furniture like this outside that security door, no peaceful silence, no privacy. I said a little prayer of gratitude for these things as I took a big gulp of my sweet/harsh drink and felt it warm me internally. He could see that I’d been crying. He just sat and let me open-up as I was able.
Eventually, I was able to say, “We need to talk… about the issues Gillian brought to the surface…” Robert nodded. “God! I really wish you could spank me right now!” I stage-whispered. “I really need the calm that a really hard spanking brings!”
As if by magic, the old guy over in the corner woke up, looked at his wristwatch, and got up to leave. Simultaneously, the other man closed his paperback, did the same, and headed for the door. I took it as a sign from God for all my prayers recently.
I took a stiff gulp to give me nerve and spoke up, “Excuse me, sir…” I called over to the laconic barkeep, “my boyfriend is going to spank me now. It’s not abuse. I asked him to. Don’t worry about us…” I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans to signal Robert that I wanted it on the bare. He held the waistband to both sets of drawers as I dove over his lap, effectively pulling them down. I realized that this would be just the second time I’d ever been spanked in front of a witness, and that this time it’d be in a public place. I blushed from embarrassment, but also shivered with excitement at the prospect.
Robert gave me what I needed, a really thorough, long, hard hand spanking. As if I didn’t have enough on my burdened mind, he gave me a lot to think about; things like… oh, fuck, that stings! over and over and over again. I glanced over at the bartender; he seemed to be transfixed on my bouncing butt. Then my eyes filled with tears and everything became prisms of rainbow-colored lights and blinding pain and sweet agony and soul satisfying debasement.
“You’ve had this coming for a long time, young lady!” Robert intoned in his most Dominant register of voice. “You need a good bare-handed spanking on your bared bottom, and that’s just what you’re going to get…”
His lecture put me in the perfect head space. I was bare assed, getting a harsh spanking in an airport lounge. Some stranger was watching my lover beat my butt for me. Someone could walk in at any second, and I know that Robert wouldn’t relent in the least, wouldn’t miss a single beat, just keep walloping my deserving ass. God, that hurts! my mind screamed as I scissored my thighs and humped my lover’s leg like a crazed poodle, and I came and I cried out and Robert just kept spanking! My butt glowed and throbbed and my sex glowed and throbbed, and I felt so relieved and unburdened and quieted. Robert stood me up on my shaking legs and yanked my pants up over a very sore bottom, then pulled me down next to him into a warm, all-encompassing embrace.
If I’d cried in the bathroom, I positively bawled now, “I love you so much! …Thank you for my spanking! …I’m sorry that I am the way I am! …You are the perfect lover, the perfect Top, my dreams fulfilled! I don’t know what makes me want for more… for something similar with a woman…”
He let me rant and rave uninterrupted. He petted my hair and kissed away my tears and held me. I loved this patient, understanding man all the more.
My words came out in shuddering bursts, almost unintelligible, but I felt I had to say them, “In the bathroom… that was the most intense fuck! …And you just gave me the most exquisitely intense but blistering! …I don’t deserve you! …I love you so much!”
The hard spanking had melted this submissive down to her essence. As I hiccupped and whimpered and held my hot bottom with both hands, I was able to finally think clearly. You don’t need to say anymore, you don’t need to do anything. Just keep on keeping on with this wonderful man, and if a lesbian switch comes into your life, it was meant to be, like the circumstances of this semi-public ass whooping you just got. For now, you have more than any girl could hope for, count your blessings!
I looked up at Robert and could understand for the first time in my life the impulse to be a “little.” At that moment, I wanted him to make all the decisions, to tell me exactly what to do when. I wanted to be his little good girl, and for him to be my daddy. And when the inevitable bad behavior arose, I trusted implicitly in him to correct my ways with a stern hand, even in public, like just now, if need be. I felt small and insignificant, but protected and guided by discipline and loved, truly, deeply loved. Then I noticed that Robert was looking down at me rather strangely; I wondered if he was getting sick. He was sliding off the comfy couch, no longer cuddling me in his arms. He was kneeling on the linoleum floor, with a little square, velvet-covered box in hand. He opened the box and I was dazzled.
I started to cry again, all the harder. My mind was screaming No! Not right now! I heard my voice say, “Robert, honey, I’m so messed up right now! You don’t want to propose to me… not now…”
I heard his voice say, “I love you. You are the love of my life. I want to spend the rest of our lives together.”
I responded with burbles for words, “I love you, too, passionately! But I’m so confused right now…!”
And he returned, “We’ll work it out together.”
“What if I meet another Gillian?”
‘You spent most of one day in bed with Gillian, but you’re still here with me now. We’ll work it out… Don’t you know that you looked sexy as fuck in bed with another woman? Don’t you think I know you by now? I don’t want to change you, I want to share life with you as husband and wife, with all its complexities and all its simple pleasures…”
“I want that, too, so much! Yes, yes, I’ll marry you, Robert!”
I wanted desperately for him to spank me right then and there, then fuck me with all the passion we had moments before. But I wanted more to wait, contain it, let it build, so we just kissed. On the airplane flight home, under a concealing airplane blanket, part of me wanted to join the mile-high club with the love of my life, let him have me, hell, let him have me up the ass, right there surrounded by others, moving infinitesimally slowly as he fucked me like two spoons in a drawer. But I held off this impulse, too, so we just cuddled and kissed (and fooled around with teasing hands under the cover of that blanket). So, when we finally got home, before we unpacked or did anything else, I stripped off all my clothes and presented myself to my lover. I felt like a new being, just as mixed-up and unclear about certain things, but his. I was truly his and he was mine! I laid over his lap proudly and asked for a spanking that would rival any I’d ever had. He gave it to me, too, a real barn burner. If that Sky Club bartender had been witnessing this one, he might not have noted any significant changes. My butt was bare, I got it beaten until I cried and cried out in rapture. But in my head, it was entirely different and new because I was his. My ass officially belonged to Robert now. And then our love-making was truly love-making, not fucking, not two rutting animals seeking satisfaction. We were two spirits joined, giving and receiving pleasure in equal measure, in copious amounts, the more we gave the other, the more we got in return. It was transcendent, like two angels joined at the sex and tumbling down through the heavens like eagles in the act. It was the first day of the rest of my life. It was the first intercourse of the many to follow as a new being, the betrothed of my lover. I am happy, profoundly happy. I can’t stop smiling.

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