#817) One Question…

Okay, I’m willing to concede that I suffer from PMS and that it’s that time. Furthermore, I’m willing to agree that I can be a bit of a bitch at any time of the month. I meant to say something innocuous to Jay, just a simple query about his plans. I really did. What was on my mind was the fact that pine needles were littering the floor of our apartment, getting tracked all over everywhere. In my head, I heard myself say, One question, lover… It’s the thirty-first… When did you think you’d like to take the Christmas tree down and out to the curb…?
I guess what came out of my mouth was something more like, “One question, when did you think you’d finally make time to get that fire-hazard of a Christmas tree out of here? I’m having to vacuum the floor eight times each day!” I guess I had a tone in my voice as I asked this indelicate query. Coupled with the fact that Jay is very much in touch with his inner child, really looks forward to the Christmas holiday, and likes to prolong it for as long as possible, really squeeze every bit out of the celebration, and Jay took offense.
Was it the ability to be in touch with that inner child that made Jay spank me like a little girl? I honestly don’t know. I do know that I’d never been spanked before in all my twenty-two years. I do know that Jay knew this fact; we’d talked about how we planned to raise our children, whenever they come along, and I’d expressed my adamant disapproval for corporal punishment for children. I think it’s violent and inappropriate!
But getting back to the story, Jay apparently seems to think spanking is just fine for adults. Before I knew what was happening, Jay had seated himself next to me on the white couch and pulled me into that famous position that means only one thing, somebody’s about to get their butt spanked! I’d been lounging in one of Jay’s flannel shirts and a pair of tidy-whitey panties. Quick as a flash, Jay had yanked these cotton drawers down, ripping them to pieces in the process. It was so virile a move, so sudden, I have to confess it took my breath away. And when that first swat landed, I realized he wasn’t fooling around. Jay meant business! I cursed at him, told him to stop. He started to wallop my poor butt mercilessly, really hard, too fast to let me catch my breath. I begged him to relent, repeated over and over that I was sorry; nothing worked. He just kept blistering my bare butt.
As suddenly as he started punishing me, he stopped just as unexpectedly. I was sobbing by this time, whimpering something incoherent about how I’d do anything to make it up to him for saying something so insensitive… He let me up. I felt so foolish getting up off his knee, there’s no graceful, lady-like way to do that. Then I found I just had to rub the intense burning in my butt cheeks, even though this was even more embarrassing. (I wonder, did that word “embarrassment” come from the root of being bare assed and spanked?)
Jay looked like a wild creature, a cave man, something undomesticated and dangerous as he took several deep breaths and then asked, “Do you want to try that question again, Joanie?”
“No, sir,” I responded. I’ll happily keep vacuuming just as long as you like. The tree looks nice…” That’s when I saw that Jay had a tree of his own, his spanking of me gave him wood. Still rubbing my bottom with one hand, I reached out with the other to caress his stiffy. “…May I take care of that for you, honey?”
I got down on my knees and took it in my mouth. I took it down my throat. I made gagging noises as he fucked my face, causing me to salivate, which I guess he found hot. It felt like he was pushing my Adam’s apple down my gullet. The thought occurred to me that if he shot his load, I wouldn’t have to swallow. He’d be depositing his spunk directly into my tummy, he was so deep down my insides. But he didn’t ejaculate there. He pulled me up from my knees and turned me over the edge of the white couch.
“What are you gonna do?” I dared to ask, my eyes getting bigger all the time as he roughly parted my sore butt cheeks, then spat on my anus. It was another dumb question. I usually give Jay this treat around this time of year, either near Christmas or New Year’s, depending on how much I’ve had to drink. Then, and I also give it up on his birthday in May. I think twice a year is sufficient for something so… unspeakable.
Maybe it was the guilt from my errors, maybe it was the spanking, but I was in a strange head space. It wasn’t like I was gritting my teeth and closing my eyes and wishing it was all over with. I wanted to feel Jay’s cock… up there. In. My. Butt. Hole. There, I said it! I still think it’s dirty and disgusting. But it didn’t hurt as much as every other time. Like I said, I felt weird, kind of submissive to Jay, subservient to his desires. I wanted it, I actually got off on it. Of course, I was rubbing my little clitty fast and furious as he fucked my ass, which must have helped. So I came and he came and we cuddled. He told me that I’d never looked lovelier, and he made me pose for a series of photos on his phone. (He took some others, with me turned around, showing my reddened and heated cheeks, and even one of the gape I had going in my butt hole. Those are photos I won’t be showing, here or anywhere else!)
We took a shower together. I mean, his thing had been up my pooper! And after we had dried off, and were cuddling in front of the TV, I felt I needed to say something.
“I know that I can be a bitch at times, really tough to live with…” I started. I half-expected him to interrupt me by saying something like, At times? How about always! But he didn’t. So I continued, “The spanking you gave me… it really hurt! But I think it… did me some good… If you wanted to take me in-hand, when I get mouthy and smart-assed, and were to make my ass actually smart… Well, I think we’d get along better…”
Jay kissed me. I think he’s actually going to spank me again, whenever I next forget myself. It scares me and thrills me all at the same time. We’ll see if I feel weird again after the next butt blistering, if I feel like taking him up my ass to make amends.
The only problem with butt fucking is that you can’t make babies that way.

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