#818) How Do You Want to Spend Today?

They’d just returned from traveling over the Christmas holiday. Now it was New Year’s Eve Day. There was lots of dirty laundry to wash and suitcases to finish unpacking, the house needed cleaning. But Jeanie was in no mood to do any of it. She handed the café au lait to her boyfriend, Raul, with a smirk and a sigh. The smirk was because she’d drawn a realistic cock and balls in the cream on top of the steaming brew, the sigh was because she had sworn-off all caffeinated drinks, but felt she could really use a cup of coffee’s side effects right about now. Traveling always upset her system, no matter how much she loved the endeavor, and Jeanie had been constipated for days.
“How did you think you’d spend the day?” she asked her lover, as she snuggled against him.
“Probably do a little catch-up paperwork remotely. And you?”
Jeanie blushed, not expecting her query to be reciprocated, “Well, if you must know, I thought I’d give myself a series of enemas… I’m in a funk and…”
“Can I please assist you, hon?” Raul interrupted eagerly.
This totally discombobulated Jeanie. She thought that she was so liberated, so comfortable in her body, so happy being a big-bootied female and everything that went along with that. But Raul was requesting not butt stuff, but scatological stuff. “Oh, honey, I don’t…” she reacted immediately from her gut, but then reconsidered. She remembered how sexually exciting this procedure had always been for her. “Do you really want to?” she asked tentatively.
“I think it’d be sexy as hell,” he replied sincerely. He seemed giddy at the prospect, like that first time that she’d intimated that she’d be open to a lubricating finger up her bum followed by butt sex.
Jeanie wasn’t convinced. She began talking to herself out loud to sort out her conflicted feelings. “I’ve always relishing all things butt-related, but I also pride myself in being scrupulously hygienic ‘back there.’ For me to share this last taboo with you would be a really big thing for me…”
Raul patted Jeanie’s ample understanding through her tight-fitting jeans with an, “I know,” sly comment.
Hating to be kidded about something she found so serious, Jeanie punched her man as hard as she could on the arm. It spilled the hot cup of coffee he held in his hand, slightly scalding him and entirely destroying her creamy art work. He put the cup down and adroitly turned Jeanie under his arm so that her faced her rear. Smack, Smack, SMACK! rang out and a warm sting infused Jeanie’s bottom.
“I feel so much more comfortable getting spanked by you, Raul; are you sure you want to be part of an enema?”
“All kidding aside, I really do,” he responded.
“And you’ll give me total privacy when I expel?”
“If you wish, though the humiliation would be potent…”
Jeanie left that comment hanging there as she put her thick hair into a ponytail to be out of her face, and then started removing her clothing. As she did so, she commented, “Just so you know, I’m sorry for spilling your coffee and burning your hand. I deserve more than those three swats. If you still want to, after my enema is done, I’d happily take a trip across your knee…”
“What if I want immediate gratification? What if I don’t want to wait to spank you? What if I want to spank you while you take the enema?”
In Jeanie’s mind, she kept things compartmentalized. She had assiduously maintained extreme cleanliness ‘back there’ during their entire year-long relationship, so that her butt was seen as a playground, not an eliminatory canal. It was like having a guy watch her douche, only ten times more serious. She envisioned getting an enema, cleaning up in the shower, and then resuming play like spanking or anal intercourse or whatever. But Raul was already blurring her neatly drawn lines. She found herself panting as if she’d just run a foot race. She was damp under her arms, down below, too. She tried a different approach.
“You’re my Top. I trust you implicitly. This is difficult for me, sharing this part of myself. Please go slowly, lover…”
Raul softened. “I understand. Thank you for agreeing to share this with me. I treasure everything we do together, Jeanie. This is no exception.” He kissed her, helped her onto the bed and onto all fours. Soon he was massaging lubricating gel around her anus, up her rectum. It felt so fucking good! Jeanie remembered something, and in order to try to handle the unbelievably exquisite sensations up her tooter right now, to try to keep her toes from curling, Jeanie voiced it.
“I was a school girl, going to have a test I hadn’t studied for, so I told my mom I had an upset stomach. She let me stay home from school on condition that I drink a mug of warmed milk and accept an enema. The warm milk tasted terrible. But I remember my mother lubricating me ‘back there’ like it was yesterday. I was embarrassed to be touched there, but I found it so erotic at the same time. Then she inserted the nozzle and I felt the warm water flow into my bowels. First it felt heavenly, but soon I felt full and told my mother so. She said that in order to do me the most good, I needed to take the whole red rubber bag full of soapy water. She massaged my tummy as I took it all in. I really wanted to touch my pussy, but didn’t dare. She warned me that she was about to remove the nozzle, that if I let a single drop spill, she’d spank me before I’d be allowed to release the contents straining my belly. I didn’t leak any, I guess I’ve always been a tight ass! From that moment on, I’ve been addicted to enemas. I did some research. Mae West, the old-time movie star liked to take an enema every day, said it improved her complexion. Doctors say that that’s too frequent, that the bacteria in your gut needs to be allowed to work. So, I secretly began giving myself one once a month. And masturbating to the most incredible climaxes! The most amazing sludge comes out of me, so that by the time I’ve had several rinses and am spouting as clear as a downtown water fountain, I feel lighter than air… lighter than helium… euphoric!”
By this time the red rubber bag that Jeanie had filled for herself with warm soapy water was inside her distended tummy. She actually made sloshing sounds as she waddled to the bathroom. She held both hands clasped across her ass crack as if she’d just been paddled.
What Jeanie didn’t know, as she expelled and cleaned-up more thoroughly than if she was going to do a nudie magazine’s photo shoot where they’d be taking close-ups up her ass, was that Raul had experience administering enemas to dirty-minded submissives. He had another bag prepared by the time Jeanie emerged from the bathroom. He re-lubricated her and repeated the procedure. This time she was able to accept the big bag’s contents more easily; there was more room available inside her now. Then Raul switched to pure warm water for a rinse and then another. With each application, Jeanie became all the more aroused, with all that traffic in and out of her ass.
With the last clean rinse, Raul made her hold the first bag’s contents while he refilled it and made her accept most of a second one. Again, her tummy was straining to hold all that had been pumped into her. Raul leaned close to Jeanie’s cute ear, exposed with her new, teenager-like hairstyle, and whispered his words into the delicate orifice.
“I’m going to accompany you into the bathroom this time, Jeanie. Not back into your bathroom, the one that still smells from all that’s come exploding out of you. I’m going to take you into my bathroom, into the shower of my bathroom. I owe you a spanking for your shenanigans with the coffee earlier. I’m going to give you that spanking while you expel in the shower, while I watch you…”
As he said this, he walked his lover toward his bathroom on the other side of the master suite.
“No! …No, I can’t do that, Raul… No, don’t make me, I can’t…!”
“I’m not going to make you expel the clear water in your bowels right now out of your anus in front of me, Jeanie. I’m simply going to wait. You won’t be able to hold that heavy load forever… It’s got to come out. The longer you hold it, the more forcefully it’ll burst forth when you finally do relax. No matter how long it takes, I’m going to be here, watching, studying, memorizing, and spanking your deserving ass as you expel…”
They were in his masculine-looking-decorated bathroom, trimmed in ebony wood where hers was painted all a light pink. He’d been discarding his clothing the whole way there. Now he escorted her into the glass stall and closed the shower’s door.
“Why are you doing this to me?” she pleaded.
“Because you need to know that nothing your body does is offensive to me. I love everything about you, Jeanie. I love that you find this sexual, that you’ve had to strain not to orgasm this whole time. I’m about to make it even hotter for you… I’m going to spank you until you expel in front of me, and all the while you are expelling. You’ll have to decide how punishing a spanking you are going to receive…”
Raul turned Jeanie under his arm again, just as he had for her first, abbreviated swats. He spanked her. He spanked her hard, slowly, punishingly. About every fifth spank, he fingered Jeanie’s pussy, finding it hugely engorged and dripping wet. He parted her buttocks to see her delicate anus straining to hold back the deluge just inside. Jeanie’s whole body trembled. Raul exhorted her firmly but kindly.
“Expel, Jeanie, right here, right now. I love you. Nothing you do could offend me.” He said this over and over again, all the while punishing her bottom mercilessly with ringing spanks that echoed loudly off the tiled walls.
She couldn’t take it anymore! The pressure from her bowels, the exhaustion of her poor little anus, the sting across her entire big bottom; it was all too much. With an anguished cry, Jeanie let go. It was like a fire hose blasting out of her butt hole, a mighty rush of water. And Raul had the audacity it play in it, run his hand in it before he continued spanking her cheeks. It was the most ignominious thing she’d ever experienced! But it also felt so relieving, so freeing, so good! Raul was laughing like a toddler playing at a water table under mommy’s supervision. Jeanie realized she had nothing to feel bad about. As the water continued to pour forth out of her backside, she reached back tentatively, dipped a finger into the on-rushing stream. It was warm, almost hot to the touch, which surprised her, even as she realized it was at her body temperature. It was clear and clean and just kept blasting out. It was primal, all the feels of defecating but without any of the shit or smell.
“Good girl,” Raul whispered in her ear repeatedly, the words Jeanie most loved to hear, the words she lived for. She was being so dirty, so nasty, doing something every mommy has forbidden since time immemorial, but with her lover’s sanction and praise. It was crossing a final frontier boundary, the biggest taboo of butt stuff, and it felt fucking fun!
At long last, the stream became a dribble and stopped.
“Oh God!” Jeanie exulted. She half-turned and kissed her loving Top passionately. When lips parted and both partners gasped to refill lungs with air, Jeanie added, “Fuck me…Fuck me where we both want it!”
Being the butt sex devotees they were, there were tubes of lube strategically placed throughout the house. Raul reached for one just outside the shower stall, and began liberally lubricating her rosebud. On his knees, with his face a mere few inches from the tiny aperture, he thought about how perfect the pink petalled portal was. Only redheads and blonds had such pretty-pastel-pink-poopers, and Jeanie had one of the prettiest. He lubed it thoroughly, deeply, lovingly, enjoying Jeanie’s little coos and mews of pleasure as he did. Then he placed his erection against the small valve. Without effort, it popped right inside, and he didn’t hesitate, couldn’t hold back; he slid his entire length up her rectum.
Deliriously, Jeanie called out over her shoulder, “I’m all cleaned out. There’s lots of room up there. Fill me to the brim with your cum, lover. Fuck me…”
Raul reached around her to turn on the showerhead full blast, then reached around her hip to diddle Jeanie’s clitoris. He spanked her cheeks as he thrust into them, exhorting, “I want to fill you with my stickiness, then give you another enema! I want to give you a rinse mixed with wine and get you immediately drunk. I want to give you a cold rinse and make you beg for relief from the cramps, I want to…”
“God! You’re an expert at this, aren’t you? I might have known! Let’s do it, let’s spend the whole day doing but stuff, lover…”
And just like that (to quote my role-model, Carrie Bradshaw), it was decided. Jeanie no longer felt the least compunction to feel anything but elation at taking an enema in front of her lover. She looked forward to her weekly irrigation, often augmented with a splash of white wine in the water, which removed all of her inhibitions. From then on, Saturday became the day to get super dirty as she got super clean, inside and out, physically and psychologically.

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