#819) Happy New Year!

I guess that I should have published the above sentiment yesterday. The New Year isn’t expected, it’s already here! I’m sorry, I was busy with my husband-to-be yesterday and it flew by. (Saying those words, that title, thrills me immeasurably, scares me a little, fills me with optimism, and lust, and longing, and nasty ideas, and…) Saying “Happy New Year!” fills me with the same feelings. But at this moment, I’m mostly filled with gratitude for you, reading and talking with me about my writing, about my thoughts, about my life’s journey. Early on in my blogging here, I had several readers profess their love for me. I shied-away from that at the time, but I now realize that I do LOVE you, appreciate you, thank you for investing your time and energy and thoughts here. Thanks for all the love, everybody! Here’s to almost one full year of blogging in the books, and to another upcoming, and many more ahead!

6 responses to “#819) Happy New Year!”

    • There MAY NOT be quite as many posts here daily in the New Year. I don’t make resolutions, but do want to prioritize living life with Robert over writing my craft and sullen art all alone. We’ll see…

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