#820) More Than “One Hundred Ways”

Back while I was traveling, Hermione opened her influential and important blog up to a guest post from the inimitable Bonnie, who wrote a piece containing one hundred ways to say “spanking” without using that word. When I got back from the trip, I absolutely loved reading these creative phrases from Dec. 28th, and like other people, Izzie in particular from the wonderful new blog, “Sore Is More,” I enjoyed coming up with some more phrases to add to that list. I won’t start naming some of my favorites here and now because I’ll never stop. But check “Hermione’s Heart” out, please, if you haven’t already.
This post made me think a lot, which is what I love most about blogs in our community! I thought of an analogy. In culinary arts, it is no longer enough for a top-tier restaurant to make great food. The dish now must be presented impeccably to earn great reviews and overflow customers. Similarly, all of you connoisseurs of corporal punishment, it’s not enough to pull a submissive’s pants down, and put that person across your knee, and spank them senseless. You have to set the mood. Using one or more of these creative euphemisms sets the mood for me big time, engages my brain as well as my bottom. In that regard, I’d like to do something a little unconventional…
Robert, my love,
I’m enjoying writing to you intimately in this public forum! You well know how I love to be naughty! You also know that I’m always down for whatever you want to do to me, spanking-wise. But I’d love it even more if you’d use some of the phrases from the One Hundred Ways list on me before you do the dreaded deed. If I’ve “earned some lap time,” and I’m destined to “stare at the carpet” soon, before you “give me plenty to think about,” please know that that wording like this gets me super hot.
Remember that time when you got all Dominant and lectured me so sternly about two weeks ago? You said that you “were going to paddle the snot out of me.” Then you paddled me with that damned Lexan paddle incessantly until I cried so hard, the snot really did start to flow. Something that sounded gross actually was very erotic. And during pillow-talk/time later, do you remember what else you said, Robert? What you threatened to do to up-the-ante during the next paddling really was gross; I DO NOT want to mix spanking with scatology! But, in private, I’ve imagined a scenario where you did just that, I’ve fantasized about it, climaxed to those imaginings multiple times since. I share this very private detail to show you that your words have an amazing power over me, especially at that pivotal moment pre-punishment. Please, never ever actually “paddle the shit out of me,” Robert, but please do threaten to do it again sometime soon. It thrills the shit out of me (not literally). I guess what I’m asking for is an articulate Neanderthal to get all Cro-Magnon on my ass. Simple really, just like all my other requests and expectations!
Truly Yours,
Jean Marie

6 responses to “#820) More Than “One Hundred Ways””

  1. Happy New Year, Jean Marie, and thanks for the shoutout. You’re absolutely right, just righting the words makes me horny.
    Coincidentally in honour of the New Year, I just posted my own list, complimentary to dear Bonnie’s of course, in the post named Let’s start it with a BANG.
    Enjoy, I know that you will!

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    • I must have been reading and commenting on your blog as you were reading and commenting here, LOL. Your post on your site is GREAT!
      I have a female friend who threatens to switch my bottom if I make a typo/spelling error on posts or comments. You just made one with “righting” above, so know that your bottom is endangered, Sore my dear… With a moniker like yours, you ought to expect threats to discipline you…
      I’m going to post our feeble efforts with these phrases soon, which will only serve to point up yours and Bonnie’s acumen.
      Happy New Year!


      • Sore: My sincerest apologies for the typo, I must have been in a hurry and didn’t read back. I’m so sorry.
        JM: You will be much sorrier when I’m done with you.
        Sore: Please, JM. I learned my lesson!

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      • Oh Sore, you just floored me!I was tentative about play-acting, but you picked up the proverbial ball and ran with it to a touchdown! I will not elaborate, but thank you for making my evening so much more steamy hot! Feel free to paint me into your scenarios any time!


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