#825) How Was Your Day Not Back at Work?

File this piece as Exhibit A in the court case proving that Jean Marie is sometimes not easy to live with or to love, and is high maintenance.
This Monday morning was rushed. We didn’t get to have a full-blown spanking session, or any love-making. I had just enough time to grab breakfast on the go and rush off to work. I had not been at work for an extended period of time, with our trip away and the holiday break. It was difficult leaving Robert for the first time in a long time. Lots of coworkers stopped by my cubicle to ask about my trip and I couldn’t just reply “Fine,” so showed them my engagement ring, etc. So, I wasn’t getting much done and the conversations made me miss my lover even more.
So I went home for lunch. You ought to know that I have the option to work from home or in my cubicle, but if the latter, I must clock in and out, and have a limited amount of time for lunch. I envisioned greeting Robert at home and seducing him and eating some finger-foods simultaneously, then rushing back to work.
But when I got home, I teared-up, expressing to Robert that I missed him so badly. He decided to be an adult just when I wanted him to compassionately indulge me. He said that I ‘needed to be a big girl about this,” that I “had to return to work eventually, and that this Monday was the best day for that,” and all manner of other wise but unemotional, unsympathetic tripe. I may have called him a “poop-head” and “uncaring bastard” and other curses.
Much to my surprise, I found myself face down over his knee. Robert refers to these as “punishments with purpose.” Most of my spankings are for fun, with made-up scenarios; when he encounters behaviors that warrant a real punishment, he makes the most of the opportunity. He spanked me very hard! He seemed to want a change of heart from me, for me to apologize and return to work like a good girl. I didn’t think I deserved a hard punishment, so dug in my heels and continued to talk-back and act immature. It became a battle of wills. Robert stood me up, went to fetch a cane, laid me lengthwise face down on the bed, and proceeded to stripe my ass. I continued to curse him and my fate, and act in a childish manner, eliciting more welts across my butt. He really gave it to me good!
Long story made a bit shorter, I just got the wooden rod for lunch, no time to even stop for fast food, and returned to work to sit on a very sore tush! I returned from work feeling hangry. I didn’t apologize. I found myself back on the bed with panties pulled down for more with the cane.
When I couldn’t take anymore, I yelled, “I just want you to love me, to understand my side!”
With cane strokes for emphasis, Robert replied, “I do love you! I do understand! I just want you to grow up a little!”
We exchanged a look that said we’d have to agree to disagree. I flipped over and welcomed him into me. Robert converted all of his angst toward me into fucking. He does this very well. He fucked me eight ways from Sunday. I provided a variety of orifices for this. I’m still a little girl at heart, particularly when I confront change. I can be obdurate in the extreme. I need to recognize this and be good to myself at these times, self-talk my way to a better place. Robert’s go-to response to my obstinance is to punish it out of me. The whipping inspired some very intense feelings, feelings which surprised me, which were good to get out in the open.
Having worked it through and talked it out, we’ve decided that I will go in to work for more than half a day tomorrow, but not for a full nine hours, and when I do come home, Robert will stop what he’s doing, and we’ll make love. Sometimes I can be a big baby. Consequently, we’ll take baby steps toward getting back into regular routines. And I won’t be sitting comfortably any time soon.

4 responses to “#825) How Was Your Day Not Back at Work?”

  1. Sorry, Jean Marie, that you felt the cane across your lovely bottom. The cane is something to avoid if at all possible. You will be sleeping on your front tonight but can look forward to tomorrow afternoon!!
    Sophie x

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    • It’s all worked through. Honestly, sometimes I think I need extreme measures. I didn’t have to wait all the way until tomorrow, either. So I’m good! Hope you are, too!


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