#826) The Vintage Christmas Present

The “Messenger” icon popped up on the computer screen and was clicked. Almost immediately, the pretty, somewhat-androgynous face of Carly came into view to Zoom together.
“Hi, what’cha got there?”
“My new Christmas present, a vintage film camera. I also got a matching tripod.”
“I was thinking I could come over, play with it with you…”
“Play how?”
“Well… I was hoping we could set it up in your bedroom… you could take my clothes off, tie me to your bed… I’d love it if you’d whip me, fuck me, do anything that you wanted to me… within reason, at least…”
“Oh, really…?”
“Yeah, and then we could switch, and I could undress you, and do whatever came to mind, to make you happy… If you’d like, I could bring my strap-on, along with the camera equipment… We could immortalize it all on film, to watch later, to keep as a memento of this moment in time… Maybe I’m another Steven Spielberg and nobody knows it. You can call me Stephanie Spielberg, if you want… Anyway, does that sound like fun?”
“Yes. Yes, it does. How soon can you come over?”
“Mere minutes, I’m just around the corner, you know… Do you have condoms, for the strap-on, and whatever else might come up?”
“Yeah, I have lots of condoms and KY jelly. Just hurry.
“I’ll be right there! …And in case we get carried-away, right away, and I forget to say it, Merry Christmas!”
“Merry Christmas to you, Carly! See you soon…”
Even though she was mere steps away, just around the proverbial and literal corner, Carly drove over. In her car in the driveway, she decided to expedite matters. She took off her turtleneck sweater and jeans and underthings, so that she sprinted to the door wearing just a pair of flip-flops and her 60’s style cap, small boobies bobbling around as she ran, her trim, athletic bum cheeks flexing, carrying just the small suitcase containing camera equipment, sexual accessories, and her clothes. She hoped that it would get noticed that her pubic patch was recently trimmed to be as perfectly manicured as her eyebrows. Carly thought she resembled nineteen-sixties era models like Jean Shrimpton or Twiggy, a kind of vintage Christmas present herself.
When the front door swung open, she repeated herself, saying a cheery, if slightly chilly, “Hi!”
(I’ve noticed that I have a number of male readers who like to switch. I wanted to write a story that would ambiguously appeal to all, no matter the gender or age or orientation. I like the fever-dream of Carly calling me up, dropping by with her camera and strap-on, etc. I love the scenario of her restraining me to my bed, using her tongue and teeth and fingers and strap-on to do unmentionable things to me, all captured on film. Does it appeal to you, gentlemen, too? Did my unspecific story work for all of you, regardless of specifics? I have a lot of lady-readers, as well. Maybe you’d prefer if Carly was a pretty man-child named Charlie…? Anything is possible, everything is possible. Here, in your imagination…Write your own, personalized story. Tell us all about it in the Comments. Just remember, that strap-on doesn’t “fit” anywhere easily; it has to be made to fit, with lots of lube, and lots of effort, and two dirty minds working in tandem. Wanna fuck around? Isn’t that why you’re here?)

5 responses to “#826) The Vintage Christmas Present”

  1. One of my greatest desires is to be the man that fulfills a woman’s every fantasy. I know what it’s like to have unfulfilled fantasies (as many of us do!) and have decided that if I’m ever able to, no fantasy will be left unexplored the best I can. If that means switching, count me in, thank you very much!

    Liked by 1 person

      • You’re right of course. Probably better to have said it this way: I want to be the person that will do what it takes to make the other happy, including fulfilling as many fantasies as I can.


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