#827) That Second

You got up early. You want to make your man a hearty breakfast, maybe scrambled eggs AND bacon AND pancakes. You’re still naked, thinking about your lover, and it gets you excited. Then he gets up. You feel that wonderful twinge when you see him enter the kitchen. He comes up behind you and you’re suddenly much more excited as you feel his touch, smell his scent. You realize that he’s erect and desirous. You pivot, not physically, but mentally, turning off the stove burners. It can all wait for this, the beaten eggs and the batter and the meat; he’s more important, after all. You lean over the counter, take a wider stance, eager to feel him slip into you. But he doesn’t enter your sex. Instead, you feel him knocking at your backdoor with his big thing. It opens your eyes wide. A surprised “Oh!” comes out of your mouth. It’s that second in time when it all seems to stop…

(I saw this painting on a wonderful site called Karenpillagain. The site features LOTS of paintings of sexy women; check it out on tumblr. This whole scene immediately came to my mind. [What’s that adage about “writing what you know?”] What would you do?)

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