#829) I Can’t Restrain Myself

I thought that I’d try to start the New Year off by finding a better balance in my life. I thought that I’d publish one or two posts per day, and devote more time to living a healthier lifestyle. (No, not a vanilla one, silly, just working-out more, eating better, sharing more quality time with Robert, etc.). But I can’t! I tried, but I just can’t do it! I get too many ideas that I want to share, too many impulses that I need to indulge. I’ve found that I simply CANNOT restrain myself (and not like the blond pictured above. Just like I can’t tie myself up for discipline, I can’t keep from posting here.)! So, here are a few random thoughts…

First, I just joined in supporting Jillian Keenan’s video site. I loved her book, Sex with Shakespeare, when it came out years ago. She is another trailblazer, like I spoke of on my Home page. She is doing great work normalizing our spanko fetish. Please check her out, please consider joining her by becoming a patreon.

Second, I just read an entertaining book, Number One Is Walking: My Life in the Movies and Other Diversions, by comic Steve Martin and illustrated by Harry Bliss. In it was the following cartoon:

The joke is that here are two cartoon characters being interviewed on one of those entertainment variety TV shows. Of course they were attracted to one another, they’re by the same artist in their comic strip. But as I read this one, I couldn’t help but reflect on That Thing We Do. We are blessed by that common fetish, what attracts us.

I mean it when I say “blessed.” I hope that you feel as I do, that spanking is a joy, a reason de etre, much more than just an orientation! NPR, which I habitually listen to (and monetarily support) just did a segment on trying to find the thing in your life that gives you “a sense of fun.” When I heard it, I felt sorry that some individuals had to search for this. I have it whenever I share any length of time with my lover, Top, fiance, best friend, all rolled into one. We can’t be in the same room for more than a minute before I’m over his knee…

Finally, I think I’m going to get into bird-watching in the near future.

Photo by Tina Nord on Pexels.com

This bi-curious kinkster can’t help but be fascinated by an endeavor that’s focused on hooters (the owl family), cocks (roosters), boobies (like the blue-footed variety), peckers (redheaded, etc.) and tits (such as the tufted titmouse). I guess I’m going to invest in a pair of binoculars and get out into nature to observe, see what I can see.

Now I have a date with my man, who has promised to spend the afternoon and evening pleasing me in any way I like. I wonder what we’ll come up with to fill our time…

6 responses to “#829) I Can’t Restrain Myself”

    • I have friends who are birdwatchers, I’m not an ornithologist. (I’m a hornithologist! Get it?) Seriously, I’d find myself training those high-powered binoculars on open bedroom windows, watching hungry pussies stalk those cocks & peckers…


      • I live rural, only house on the road and surrounded by trees. No windows to peak into around here.

        “Hornithologist” – I love it!

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