#830) Getting Wet

She was outside watering the lawn with a garden hose when her boyfriend drove up into the driveway. It was an impulse, an innocent exuberance, really. The thought flashed through her mind; Jake gets me wet so often. He walks into a room and I’m wet, he drives home like just now and I’m wet. When he snuggles against me, nuzzles his face into my hair, whispers in my ear, kisses my neck, forget about it, my panties are drenched. I’ve had to get used to having my clitty ache for his attentions, having my bottom tingle in anticipation for other attentions, having to change my underwear multiple times daily…
So, on impulse, she turned the hose on Jake, gave him a going-over, smiling, thinking that turnabout was fair play.
“Hey, what do you think you’re…?!”
Julie just giggled, continued spraying him down, cooling him off. She didn’t realize that he was wearing his favorite silk necktie, that the dousing of water would ruin it. She only realized this when Jake caught her by the wrist, threw the hose down on the concrete drive, and turned Julie around, under his left arm, so that his right was free to punish her. She already had those overalls unfastened and down around her waist because of the heat and humidity, it was an easy move to wrestle them down over her hips, baring her for the consequences of her actions.
It was the kind of spanking she loved most, unplanned, unexpected, somewhat public (though their property was extensive and no neighbors were nearby, but were within earshot), hard enough to really sting, fast, like a sudden cloudburst, leaving her soaked through and panting hard, as mind dizzying as it was bottom warming.
When he was done, and had released her, she was powerless to keep from rubbing her bared bottom unabashedly, to keep from looking him directly in the eye, her way of apologizing, for making him steamy instead of refreshed. It was, at the very same time, a challenging look, one that said, “Is that all you got?”
He answered her without words that it was not, pulling her down with him to the ground, parting her aroused sex and entering her easily, fucking her just as he had thrashed her, just as hard and fast and relentless and satisfying.
She cried out once as she climaxed, stiffened, then relaxed more completely than if she’d just been given a deep tissue massage. It was their unique version of massage, a sound spanking and a satisfying fuck, his way of working her over. Her glazed eyes refocused, she sat up.
“Welcome home, honey! So how was your day?”

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