#831) Such Vividity

I was Content, I thought that it was Enough
that we were traveling the same road Together,
Sharing the same Perspective on so many things,
particularly Kinky things.
Then he surprised me by popping
The Question, when I was at my Lowest,
tired from travel, sweat stained, and sex soaked,
bedraggled inside and out.
I said “No,” I wasn’t ready
even though he was the Love of my life, my raison de etre.
Then I thought, “Why not?”
you’ll never find anyone more Perfect!
“I have things to resolve,” I added.
“We all do; that’s life,” he responded.
So I whispered, “Yes,” and from that second,
life has blossomed with such Richness, Fullness,
and uninterrupted Vividity that I cannot stop Smiling.

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