#833) Wedding Thoughts #1

It’s too early to make wedding plans, but I’m having lots of wedding thoughts, some of which I want to share with you.

  1. I said “yes” to Robert with some trepidation. I had just had my first bisexual tryst in my life immediately before he popped the question. My playing with Gillian was what I see as my first step in an exploratory journey, one I want to continue on, one I want to get deeper into by spanking and being spanked by women. I was honest and open with Robert about all this. I had a bizarre thought process as the love-of-my-life was proposing to me. As he got down on one knee with that little velvet box in-hand, I thought of a TV show (of all things). There’s a cable show called “Succession” with the daughter of a wealthy family as a prominent character. On her wedding night, she shared with her new husband that she wanted an open marriage, to have sex with others, male and female alike. I, rather amusingly, thought about her as Robert was being so sweet and loving. I do not want to jeopardize the security of my deep relationship with Robert, but I do need to explore and experiment with women with whom I feel an attraction. The bottomline is that he and I feel good about our understanding, and that’s all that matters.
  2. I would prefer that we elope and go to a justice of the peace, then spend the money we saved on a wedding on a more elaborate honeymoon. Robert would like a big, fancy wedding. I don’t have any living family; he has lots, mostly living in California. I want it to be meaningful to him, and to include them in our celebration, so am happy to compromise on this one. We are thinking about a year-long engagement, planning on setting a date soon for some time in December of 2023. That way, his family’s church will be decorated for the holiday.
  3. I am wondering whether I should wear white or cream. It is the first marriage for both of us. Neither of us are virgins going into this. (You’re probably snorting with derision, along with me, at this point!) His family doesn’t know that we’re spankos and otherwise kinked, highly sexually charged, and they don’t need to know. But I’m conflicted. It may entirely depend on exactly what dress design I like the most.
  4. I would SERIOUSLY LOVE to have two ceremonies, one traditional and one super avante garde. In the traditional one, we’d fete our love with his family. In the one for us to express ourselves honestly, I’d wear something like the gown pictured above. I would love to display my freshly spanked bottom to the world in this alternate ceremony!

Or maybe something gauzey and see-through, as shown above.

If not that, then having the back hem tucked-up, displaying my panty-less derriere might be fun.

The above photo is by Helmut Newton. I like this gown a lot, especially if the seat is entirely chiffon, letting my blush show through!

5. At various times in my life, I’ve lived a privileged lifestyle. I made a great deal of money as a professional model, I dated some wealthy gentlemen. I always thought, if I had the means, that I’d like to charter a private plane to pick up our wedding guests from around the world/country to bring to our nuptials in style. It would be one continuous in-flight party. So, know that I’m thinking about you, my dear friends in the metaverse. We’ll see what accommodations (even if imaginary) can be made to make everyone happy.

6. I’m giving some preliminary thought to our vows. In our kinky-ceremony, I would love to acknowledge the truth of our actual dynamic, promising not only to love, honor, and obey, but also to submit. More thought on this and other matters needs to be invested, then I’ll share it with you.

8 responses to “#833) Wedding Thoughts #1”

  1. And I hope that you will get your bridesmaids to give you a good spanking just before the wedding ceremony so that when you walk down the aisle in your beautiful wedding dress that dress will be hiding one very red and very sore bottom!
    Sophie xx

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    • I’d thought that Robert would do the honors, but your comment made me remember that it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony.
      So now I envision being passed around like a tray of hors d’oeuvres to be spanked by each of my bridesmaids, and finally really blistered by my maid of honor. It’s a lovely vision, makes me look forward to it all all the more eagerly!
      Warmly and dreaming of being,
      Jean Marie

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    • Your post inspired this:

      I was getting ready for my wedding when there was a knock on the door. I opened expecting the minister or best man etc. To my surprise, it was the my fiancee’s bridesmaids. Sherry said, “We need to talk before the wedding.” and barged right into my room. I had a shirt on but was hiding behind the door when I opened it in only my underwear. Sherry saw my state of dress, and before I could protest, she said, “Oh, good!”.

      She then informed me that if I EVER failed to honor and cherish Amy, I would be in for some very rough times indeed. Before I knew it, I was over her knee with my underwear down and she proceed to tan my hide with a wooden hairbrush.

      Each bridesmaid took a turn and I was weak-kneed and red-eyed to the point I could hardly stand after they were done.

      They made me take vow in front of all of them that I would be the best husband I could possibly be. To say I was sincere in my intention to honor and cherish Amy was a massive understatement. I got the message!

      Little did I know that Amy was unaware what happened until months later. When she found out what they had done, she took her turn, put me over her knee and used the very same hairbrush that she was gifted on our wedding day. Message sent – message received!

      And we lived happily ever after!

      Or else…!

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  2. Some unsolicited advice from an old man…
    You only get one first wedding in your life. As important as it is to you right now, my advice is to put the kinky side of things on the shelf that day and just focus on having the kind of wedding that you and Robert and all your invited friends and family can look back on with fondness in the coming years. You have the rest of your lives to be kinky, you have one day to be wed in as romantic a way as possible. And if you’re having a church wedding, respect the church by putting aside the carnal aspects and embrace the spiritual.
    On the dress front, yes, white used to signify virginity but now it’s generally reserved for first weddings. Bit of a sad commentary on the state of marriage and divorce but the point is, you’ll be fine in white, if that’s your choice.

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    • I truly appreciate this advice! My kinky thoughts were just a flight of fancy, what I’d love to do if it was a liberated world, the musings of a repressed, closeted spanko. Thanks for commenting so cogently!
      Jean Marie

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