#835) My Crease #2

I chose to fictionalize the first installment of this tale, and make John and Hilda my surrogates. Now I’d like to get real.

I LOVE the above photo! Look at the source of light; very well executed. Because this glass dildo is not inserted, I believe that it is permissible by WordPress (I’m NEVER sure, given their vague policy). My point is that this photo suggests hot-dogging, just running his cock up your crack and pressing your buns together around that cock by pushing from both sides. I’m addicted to being hot-dogged!

Now, every young lady gets a lecture from her mother at some point in time, a lecture concerning hygiene. We are told to wipe after a visit to the bathroom in the opposite direction from ones’ vagina. We are told to keep the two orifices separated in our minds. If we have a liberated, open-minded mother like mine, we are told pointblank to use different fingers (even different hands) when touching/pleasuring yourself in each orifice. Hot-dogging, fucking up that crease, gets close to violating that admonition, which makes it all the more attractive. It’s sinful!

The next thing I want to mention is that I’ve found a difference between how men and women touch my crease.

It isn’t just the difference in size of fingers/hands between Robert and Gillian (for instance), or even the pressure applied. It’s just inherently different, and all I can say is “Viva la difference!”

In my one (brief) tryst with Gillian, she seemed very attuned to the sensitivity of my crease, maybe because she shared that response.

It was simply yet one more way in which we clicked, making the bond all the stronger.

3 responses to “#835) My Crease #2”

  1. I’ve written to you off-line about great photographs, amazed with the artistry of the photographer and, I’m sure, the model. Together – they make it happen.

    This is one of those photos. Black background, just enough lighting of the model’s skin.

    But then there is that dildo…! It has to stand out. We know light can pass through glass even when it is curved, but how the hell did he (she?) illuminate it??

    And, finally – who thinks like that?? Who has imagination and creativity like that??

    I’d love to know if the model (who has a cute tush!) had input.

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