#837) Johnny Get Angry

I like to put on music and dance around a little as I prepare dinner. It makes a mundane chore more fun and even a little aerobic. Robert likes to come home and silently watch me dance naked before he makes his presence known. (More than one dinner has been overcooked, even burned, because of this…) I mix it up and listen to different genres and eras of music different evenings.
Last night I was listening to music from the early 1960’s, before the British invasion (this latter era is probably my all-time favorite). A song that I’d never heard before came on. It was recorded by an artist that I’d never heard of before. But it rocked my world!
The female singer spoke about a fake break-up to rile her boyfriend, Johnny. She spoke about another guy cutting-in on them when they dance. Johnny does nothing in response. The refrain, sung by Joanie Sommers is:
“Johnny get angry, Johnny get mad,
Give me the biggest lecture I’ve ever had.
I want a brave man, I want a cave man,
Johnny, show me that you care, really care, for me!”
The last verse is:
“Every girl wants someone who
she can always look up to.
You know I love you, of course,
let me know that you’re the boss.”
The song features a nice guitar intro, a cool piano riff, even some kazoo. It was recorded in 1962. The one thing it does not have is any mention of SPANKING! How easy it would have been in one of those refrains to replace the second verse’s “lecture” (two syllables) with “spanking” (two syllables). That’s Joanie’s photos above and below; notice how she’s laying face-down on a couch or looking back at us over her shoulder, suggestive of showing-off her backside. The whole thing screams SPANKING, but that magic word is never said. It made me mad. I changed the lyrics when I sang my version for Robert. It worked wonders! Dinner wasn’t burned, but I got warmed…
(I wish that I were a technology wiz and could easily embed this song here for you. But, look it up; it’s worth it! If/when you do, you’ll hear a catchy tune. Sing the revised lyrics along with me, “Johnny get angry, Johnny get mad, give me the HARDEST SPANKING I’ve ever had…”)

4 responses to “#837) Johnny Get Angry”

  1. Listen to the way she sings “really care for me” at around 1:20 in the song. It sounds “bratty” to me (“pouty”?). It’s like she’s provoking him, just simply not letting him alone until she gets her butt roasted. I hope she got it and it was all that she hoped it would be and the first of many.

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    • “I wish you a well-roasted tenderloin” is a lovely thought to make for a fellow-spanko! (Are you noting that alternate way of referring to a spanking, Bonnie and Hermione and Sore?)


      • And now I’m hungry for a slow-cooked beef roast! But I digress…

        I briefly perused those threads but haven’t really dug into them yet.

        I tend to drop tiny hints in conversation with people to see if they pick up on the innuendo, especially women. I do my best to be vague enough to be inoffensive to the general public but still hint at spanko inclinations just in case I strike gold. No takers yet but one can hope!

        I figure I can use Bonnie, Hermione and Sore Is More quotes at some point but haven’t really given them their fair due yet. Too bad I don’t have anyone to take me to task for failing to do so as the motivation would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. It’s interesting how culturally relevant this is to it’s time. In that time, the man was very much in charge and the woman submissive in many ways. (No judgement on my part, just an observation.)

    Fast forward to when I grew up and I was taught to be kind and sensitive towards women. For me, that was actually a good fit. I love to be those things by nature. Had I lived in the 50’s, I would’ve found it very difficult to be in charge I think.

    I constantly fantasize about a woman who is in charge of me in a loving, nurturing relationship. Not a “mommy” fantasy at all. It’s a completely adult, sexually-charged desire. I totally relate to the song lyrics because I know that a woman who has high standards and holds me accountable to them really cares about me.

    Joanie get angry, Joanie get mad…

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