#838) My Take on Diversity

I’m conscious that our kink, spanking and related butt stuff, is very diverse in a number of ways. The community is not ageist, nor does it cater to just one socio-economic strata. I’ve been involved with men who were quite wealthy, and those who were not, and everything in between. I’ve been involved with men who were twice my age, and men younger than myself, and everything in between. I’ve had an involvement with one woman and am interested in experiencing more.
The one area that I’m not experienced in, not knowledgeable about is racially. I have never had any experience romantically, sexually, or playing with kink with an African-American. Therefore, I haven’t written any stories here featuring a Black Top or bottom in the scene. I don’t know if my readers have noticed this, if it matters. But I’m aware of it. And just like my basic consciousness in being anti-racist and actively trying to grow, I think that awareness is the first step.

One response to “#838) My Take on Diversity”

  1. I just figured you were writing from what you knew. There’s no reason any of the male characters couldn’t be envisioned as being Black. Or really any race. Please don’t take this the wrong way but they’re often generic enough that they literally could look like anybody and at this point without the experience in person I’m not entirely sure it would be a good idea to try to make them a certain race unless you did research on what might a certain kind of person realistically say or do without coming across as a caricature

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