#839) Spanking Story Writer

I LOVE being a writer of spanking stories! They usually feature just two main characters, the Top/spanker and the bottom/spankee. The bottom/spankee has committed some spankable offense and must face the consequences, so the conflict is inherent and omnipresent. We can usually relate to both characters, the justice-loving Top and the fallible, all-too-human bottom. The resolution to the tale is often built-in, as well. The bottom gets her bottom spanked, and all live happily ever after. So, there is a basic formula that I can then play around with for creativity.

I rate the story that I’m in the midst of writing according to how many times I must stop composing in order to masturbate. I have a scale in my head between one and five stars, with one being mildly arousing, and five making me cum so often and hard that I see the face of God in heaven. I’m always surprised when readers here rave about a story that I think only rates one star, or conversely, don’t comment at all on a story that set me on fire. In what follows, I do not have Basil, the time traveling archaeologist snake, but I do have another reptile, a huge gator. It is not a spanking story, but it is butt-stuff-related. It isn’t even a full-fledged story with a beginning, middle, and end; it is the dream I had last night.

I had a former lover who delighted in telling me his dream from the night before in great detail. I found that so boring, so won’t do that here. But what I will share I think you will find entertaining.

I was in Florida. The area was being terrorized by a huge gator. (I’m not sure if it was a crocodile or alligator; I’m not even sure about the difference between a croc and a gator. Is it the width of their snout, their habitat…?)

When I say that my dream featured a “huge” reptile, I mean it. Getting to be that size, this gator learned some things. He learned that humans are an easy meal. He also learned that he often only got the chance for one good chomp at a human. Finally, he learned that the fleshiest, tastiest part of most humans is their buttock region. And who has one of the fleshiest, tastiest butts around? Yep, I was scuba diving in Florida, and this huge gator became aware of my presence. Like some horror movie (is there one with this plot?), my nightmare focused on this huge gator hunting me, pursuing me. I was swimming as fast as I could, but I couldn’t evade this prehistoric creature made for eating. With the “Jaws” movie soundtrack playing in the background (da-da-da-dum), he was gaining on me underwater, in his element. I got to the surface. I lunged for the safety of the boat. The gator lunged for my twin orbs jiggling tantalizingly in the water. His massive jaws opened, I closed my eyes, CHOMP, and I woke up in a sweat!

That was my dream. I didn’t get a lot of restful sleep. Just to keep you awake, let me share a few more photos of gators that I found on the ‘net.

Here is one camouflaged in leaves on the water’s surface. He’s coming to get you!

Here is one (the same one, the giant one?) camouflaged in mud. He’s coming to eat you! A colleague said to me yesterday, when discussing a problem, “Watch out, or this issue will bite you in the butt.” Was my subconscious unpacking this potent phrase in my dream?

Finally, I share this photo of a Florida swamp. Those are not fireflies lit-up at dusk; those are gator eyes, all lying in wait, ready to grab you if you put a toe in the water.

I do not want to write a separate post, but feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that today is an anniversary, two, in fact. Two years ago today, insurrectionists tried to disrupt the orderly transfer of power, as is outlined in our Constitution. I never thought that I would see the day when Americans in mass attacked our Capital. The former History teacher in me wants to lecture about this, but I’ll refrain. Today is also the ten year anniversary of when Ed Lee passed away. Do you know Ed Lee? He made many early spanko films. Check some out if you haven’t seen any. He spanked very hard and long. I cringed in horror and delight and sexual excitement any time I watched him work. Every young lady who arose from his lap rubbed her bottom furiously, as if to say, “Well, that was more than I bargained for!” He was a trailblazer, one who left a lot of blazing tails in his wake. RIP Ed Lee, you were an icon.

9 responses to “#839) Spanking Story Writer”

  1. I never thought that in one of the greatest democracies ever known we would see such violence connected with the handover of power. I hope we never see it again. Your dream is frightening but delightful. You would have had to go to the Bottom Shop and picked a new one off the shelf!!

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  2. A crocodilian biting a callipygian woman on the butt reminds me of how Sobek (the crocodile-headed Egyptian God of the Nile) has several epithets referring to His voracious sexual appetite. Examples include “He who takes wives from their husbands’ beds”, “He who eats while He copulates”, and “Lord of Semen”.

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  3. You can still see the teeth of a crocodile, when it’s mouth is closed. You cannot see the alligator’s teeth when it’s mouth is closed. Crocodiles can grow much larger.

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  4. Old joke.

    A teacher tells her 5th grade class the basic elements of a good story are religion, royalty, sex, and mystery, and then told her class they had one hour to write a short story.

    Little Johnnie (of course) was done in a couple minutes and put his pencil down.

    The teacher sees this and asks if he is really finished; so quickly?
    Little Johnny says “yes,” and the teacher asks to see it.

    Johnny wrote:

    “Oh my God,” said the princess. “I’m pregnant! I wonder who done it?”

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