#841) Open Wide

As I’ve shared before, Robert and I really enjoy role-play. One of my favorite scenarios is handsome doctor with his submissive, new, female patient. I could re-enact that scenario every other day, over and over, and still find it potently arousing. It wouldn’t dull my edge from repeated use, it would only sharpen me and my libido. We even invested in a white lab coat for him to wear, to put me in exactly the right mood. I wear nothing, in order to put him in the right mood, too.
Yesterday, Robert came up with a variation on that theme, like the jazz artist he is at heart. He put on that white lab coat, but told me that he was my dentist. He told me to “open wide.” Good patient that I strive to be, I obeyed, accommodated, opened myself in every way to his “check-up.” Good dentist that he is, Robert discovered three different cavities. Can you believe it? And he filled my cavities very expertly. It didn’t hurt a bit!

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