#842) Jump Rope

I used to be the playground champ in jumping rope when a little girl. I knew all the rhymes to sing to keep time that went along with this activity. I could do it longer, more faultlessly, by myself, with two others holding/swinging the rope, even double dutch, where they used two ropes in opposite directions.
Today, my lover taught me a new trick with a jump rope, accepting his hard whipping with a plastic one. He started out by choking-up on the length, using short strokes to hit hard and not wrap (catch me from hip to hip). Then he used longer and longer lengths, so as to be able to whip with more velocity and still not wrap.
He wore me out with the plastic, doubled-up rope! It left us both winded, sweaty, exhausted. I’d like to buy a braided cloth rope, to see how it feels, how it marks. And of course, I’d love to experience double dutch now that I’m a mature woman. Having two people whip my bottom simultaneously, from each side, maybe alternating strokes sounds heavenly. But those lessons will have to wait for another day. Playtime is done for today, at least with the rope. “Recess” has gained new meaning; I have two separate recesses that I’d like my lover to explore, now that his whipping has excited me sufficiently. Maybe he’ll double dutch me in this endeavor, too.

12 responses to “#842) Jump Rope”

    • I wonder if our cultural divide can be bridged on this topic, dear Sophie.
      There were mean girls on my playground; was it the same for you?
      I dreamed of being captured by this roving horde, taken to the far reaches of our playground, tied with one jump rope to the jungle-gym apparatus. Follow me so far?
      Then the ring-leader would pull my knickers down, gag me with them, and take the first turn whipping my bottom. I like your term “skipping rope” because this treatment sends my heart skipping, skipping like a stone across the water, skipping beats. Still with me, Sophie?
      Would you be that ring-leader, Sophie? It seems to me that you would be, exhausting us both with your lashing of my bared cheeks, then exhorting, even extorting your comrades to do the same.
      Then you all would loosen the rope’s knots, so I’d be able to free myself, after much hard work. (On rare occasion, I’m late back to class, and must bend over the teacher’s desk in front of the class for licks with her metal ruler.) And you’d all smirk and giggle as I spent the rest of the day squirming on that hard school seat behind my desk. Until tomorrow, when the whole scenario would be repeated. Because I’d never tell on you. What else would fuel my nighttime masturbatory fantasies?
      Can you relate to any of this, or am I speaking a foreign language?

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      • Oh, I can so relate to it Jean Marie! I will gladly be the ring leader who pulls your knickers down and conducts all that follows. Although I am mean enough to do that now when I was at my girls school I was the one done to. There was a very mean girl called Sheila who attracted a cohort of girls around her. She would get one or two of her gang to force me into a stall in the toilet block. Then she would join us and, whilst her sidekicks held me bent over the toilet, she would lift my skirt and pull my knickers down. She would then leave and begin charging other girls to come in and give my bare bum as many smacks as they had paid for…one pence per smack. As you can imagine I was very embarrassed and in pain but also…well, you know.
        NOW, I’ll be the one charging others to come and deal with your big arse, my dear!
        Sophie xx

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      • Oh, my, Sophie! Being held down forcibly, and punished by those who have paid for the privilege and want their money’s worth; the mind boggles…


      • Dear Jean Marie My mind immediately jumps back to those sessions every time I hear the name Sheila so I was obviously scarred for life as well as having a very sore bum! Perhaps if I could do the same to you it would lay the ghost of Sheila Williams once and for all. Have you had the chance to look for my tumblr blog…If you haven’t I will be round to tan that naughty backside of yours until you can’t sit down for a week. Sophie xoxo VVVVV


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      • I’ve tried repeatedly with both of the names you gave me, but it’s never worked. “It’s not my fault!” I continue to protest as you lower the knickers… After you’re through with my arse, please help me!


  1. Those aren’t just welts, marks or stripes. Those are badges of honor, commendations to be displayed with pride!

    Yes, I served with distinction and excellence!

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    • I remember when I first got into this scene, and I talked with a model friend who’d had her bottom vividly bruised, how freaked out I was that she loved being marked.
      Then I got marked, and endured it, triumphed over the pain, and wore that gentleman’s marks on my bottom so proudly.
      What you describe is exactly my feelings. Stick your chest out to have the commendation pinned on, stick your bum out to take and then show off your red badge of honor!

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  2. One part of this post which I really relate to. I have often fantasised about a scenario in which my panties are forcibly pulled down before I am soundly spanked in front of witnesses. I struggle to explain why I find the resulting profound embarrassment quite so erotic, but there it is. I cannot delete the idea and frankly I don’t want to.

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    • I bet if they polled/interviewed women around the world, Susie, that “profound embarrassment” of some sexual nature would rate high on the list of most frequently felt.
      Have you ever considered trying to realize this fantasy by being forcibly bared and spanked in front of others, Susie P?


  3. Dear Jean Marie. You really do have some insight here. I have considered it so very many times, but come to the conclusion the whilst that consideration fuels the fantasy,I am ultimately a relatively quiet and private individual who so far has been unable to provoke such a situation in real life. The words “so far” are significant.

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    • In my personal life, I, too, am private & shy, Susie P. Such thoughts fuel my fantasies, but it would be a huge jump into the deep end to do something like attend a spanking party and play, or attend an open house at a dungeon and play there! Again, “so far” is on my mind; maybe when I retire and visit a far-away city…


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