#843) The Four Post Bed

“You have a spectacular showplace here,” Chloe enthused.
“Thank you. Would you like to take a tour?” Jim replied.
At her fervent nod, he showed her the living room, then into the formal dining room, to the kitchen and its breakfast nook, then into his den, and the half bath. With every new room, it seemed that Chloe became all the more enamored, both with the palatial home and with its owner. Up the sweeping staircase and he showed her the two guest bedrooms, the guest bathroom, then into the master bath and finally his master bedroom.
“Oh! …You have a big four-poster bedframe… It’s beautiful!” She shook one of the stanchions, found that it was extremely well made and didn’t move an inch. “I’ve always had fantasies about sleeping in a big four-poster like this… well, not sleeping, exactly…”
It wasn’t by mistake that Jim ended his house tour in his bedroom. He took the wineglass from Chloe’s hand and put it on a bedside end table. He kissed Chloe and she welcomed it.
“Tell me your fantasy,” he intimated when mouths parted.
“You’ll think I’m silly,” she returned.
“No, I won’t. I promise, tell me.”
Chloe laughed, “Yes, you will because I think so myself…” But his avid interest and his steady gaze coaxed it out of her. “…As a little girl, I used to read a lot, I guess I still do, but I was particularly enrapt by novels and stories about pirates. From Treasure Island to tales about Blackbeard and others, I was captivated. Interestingly, I knew that there were a few famous female pirates, but they didn’t thrill me as much as being a cabin-boy to a fierce, even cruel pirate captain. I’ve always been slender, so masquerading as a boy intrigued me.” Here Chloe embraced the nearest post of the big wooden bedframe. “…I used to fantasize about being tied to the mast and flogged by my captain, being made to do unspeakable things to him in his cabin late at night…”
Jim began removing Chloe’s clothes, and she didn’t protest, indeed she helped him with buttons and clasps. Soon she stood there nude.
“What kind of ‘unspeakable things’ did you envision?” he whispered as he caressed her bare skin.
“I’ll never tell,” she breathed. “…At least not until you make me reveal them…”
Jim took off his necktie, bound Chloe’s wrists, then tied these overhead together to the wooden post. As Chloe watched with wide eyes, he crossed the room to a bottom drawer in the bureau and extracted a suede flogger with many tails.
“I was hoping that you had something like that!” she smiled, obscenely rubbing her pudendum against the post, visibly enjoying the ridges that were carved into it. “You really are into BDSM, aren’t you?”
“I really am, always have been. I got this whip about a year ago and have been practicing with it…”
“I’m so glad,” she smiled, unclear if she was referring to his orientation or his diligence. Now she arched her slender ass out, away from the post, toward her host.
He took up a position several feet behind her and off her left hip. He held the whip overhead and held its tails with his left hand, straining it to arc like an armed and tension-filled bow. As he loosed the arrow of his desire across her buttocks, Chloe cried out, not in pain, but in ecstasy. Jim repeated the action until her bottom was latticed with vivid red welts, then he moved his aim up her slender back, then down her twin thighs, then revisited her bottom for another set of lashes.
During each of these last twenty bottom-destined lashed, Jim demanded, “Tell me your fantasy with the pirate captain,” over and over.
Finally, with her head hung and her lungs heaving, Chloe answered, “I long to be tied spreadeagled to the bedposts and taken like you would a boy. Make me your obedient, decadent cabin boy…”
Oh, you are a minx, aren’t you? Jim thought. You’ve had these fantasies since childhood, and tonight they get realized. He untied her hands, and got three more neckties from his closet. Then he tied each wrist and ankle to an opposite bedpost. He left her there while he walked to his master bath to retrieve some skin lotion in a pump bottle. She strained to watch him over her shoulder, as he inserted the nozzle of the bottle and pumped a few squirts up her rectum, just enough to grease the skids, but not enough to make it effortless and easy. He thought about asking if she’d ever had it up the bum before, but decided against it. He didn’t want to pull her out of character, and it didn’t matter. She was going to experience now. He found her wonderfully tight, blushing brightly as he started and groaning gutturally as he proceeded. No sooner did he penetrate Chloe completely before he started to fuck her there, withdrawing almost all the way, then thrusting back in to the hilt. The temperature of the channel seemed to increase. Was it from the reality of friction, or from the reality of the forbidden.
“…I’m going to cum soon!” she exclaimed. “Make it all that it can be… touch my pussy, finger my clit…”
He assumed that he was now dealing with the innocent-seeming Chloe and not a dirty-minded and sexed seafarer from the past. He used both hands and manipulated her girlie parts, and Chloe answered, first with sighs and squirms, and then with a squirting ejaculation and moans. His hands and his bedspread were bathed in warm, viscous liquid, but he wasn’t really aware of any of this any longer. Chloe’s rectum was doing divine things to his cock, little, fluttering butterfly kisses and long, powerful sucks, as though her butt hole was the talented mouth of an experienced and filthy prostitute. Jim came inside Chloe’s innards.
Now Jim and Chloe faced the uncomfortable plight of people who barely know each other but know each of in the Biblical sense, nonetheless. She knew the shape of that strange birthmark on his thigh, but not his last name. He knew the way she sharply drew in a breath when a particularly hard lash caught her low on the butt, but had no idea what she did for a living. Words that before were fluid and free-flowing now seemed like sludge in the sewage system.
Jim said the only thing he could think of. “Can I see you again?”
“Do you really want to?” Chloe returned with a slight edge of incredulousness entering in.
“Yeah, sure.”
She reached for his phone when he offered it, and the woman who had let him put his thing in her most private place, and all of his ten digits in her second most one now put her ten phone digits in his most private place.
“I’ll call you,” he smiled.
Chloe hoped so, even though she was just using Jim. You didn’t run into a guy who was a trained Top with a four-poster bed and a flogger every day.

8 responses to “#843) The Four Post Bed”

  1. ok, so now I guess I need to find a woman with a four poster bed and an assortment of ties. Thing is, she’d need one more thing to fill in the blank…. 😉

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    • “I long to be tied spreadeagled to the bedposts and taken like you would a boy. Make me your obedient, decadent cabin boy…”

      I was having some fun with subtle innuendo in my original comment. I liked that there could be a few interpretations:

      1) a woman would need something to penetrate with, ie: finger, strap-on etc
      2) I would have something that needed to be filled in/penetrated…
      3) a reader’s imagination might “fill in the blank” with their own fantasy and/or understanding.

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