#844) Displacement

They met on-line, Tiffany and Rex. They say that traffic on on-line dating sites goes way up at the first of every year, something about people making New Year’s resolutions to find love. Rex wondered if that held true for kinky on-line dating sites, like the one that matched him with Tiffany. He certainly was very pleased so far; she seemed a perfect match. He found her very attractive; how could he not? She was bright and articulate and gainfully employed and all that, but most of all was the fact that she was submissive and had that incredible waist to hip measurement ratio. God, what a magnificent ass! And now to see how it worked…
He’d brought her back to his place, and they’d changed out of their dressy-casual attire from lunch into bathing suits. Tiff was pleased with the way Rex’s eyes lingered on her curves, just as much as she was pleased to see how he filled out the crotch of his speedo bathing suit.
“It’s called displacement,” he said to her as she got into the hot tub. In this context, it’s a physics term, meaning the amount of water displaced by a solid, such as a ship in the ocean. For us, it means how much the tub’s water level rises as you dunk your divine derriere down in. As she did it, they both saw the level of the bubbling water on the fiberglass side go up significantly. Not surprising when one considered the considerable size of that derriere. It came out of the water shining like a new penny as Tiffany stood up straight again, Rex thought to himself. Or check that, more like a gleaming twenty-dollar gold piece; her ass could not be equated with small change. Tiff saw that Rex had a paddle in his hand. She stared at it, so he turned it over in his hand, letting her eyes inspect it. It appeared to be a heavy paddle with a piece of car tire superimposed on one side. It’d been a new tire, the tread was deep. It occurred to Tiff that such a paddle would be water proof, even more efficient when wet. She dunked her bedonk-adonk down into the water again, then arched it out at her new acquaintance. He caught her square across the most curved portion of her bum, way down low near the water’s surface. The sound was loud, even ear-splitting, the sting even more impressive. It made Tiffany rise on her tip-toes to try to absorb it. The wince faded from her pretty countenance.
“Doesn’t displacement have another meaning, something psychoanalytical…?” Tiffany inquired as she rubbed her buttocks with both hands. The gesture was so beguiling and seductive when she did it, Rex thought. “Something about shifting the emotional blame from one appropriate object to an inappropriate one… like, say… anger at your mommy and taking it out on me…?” She smiled wickedly, dipped her butt underwater, and offered it out once more. He answered this with another, even harder wallop with the tire paddle.
“Your astute intellect is as impressive as your incredible ass, even if the former is as incorrect as the latter is perfect,” he pronounced before giving Tiff’s tush another spank.
The enchantress yelped softly, recovered herself, and leaned on the tub’s edge with both hands, both to keep from reaching back and rubbing after every swat, and to provide her backside as appealingly as possible to this expert Top she’d suddenly come upon.
“What? No mommy-issues?” WHACK! “Ummm, I certainly have my share of daddy-issues…” WHACK! “Oww! The fucker wouldn’t pay enough attention to me, no matter how I tried.” WHACK! “I found that negative attention, him having my governess discipline me with a wooden spoon or ruler or…” WHACK! “Ooooh! Was almost as good as positive attention…”
She thought that she’d shared enough, at least for a first date, so Tiff closed her mouth and stuck her bottom out all the more. Rex accepted her invitation, RSVP’ed with a volley of spanks, then threw the paddle away, onto the concrete pad by the hot tub.
He was in the water with her now, no longer a dispassionate party sitting on the edge of the tub. He pressed himself against her backside, and Tiff realized that dispassion had nothing to do with his present condition. It was party time! She pulled the pink string, undoing her bikini bottoms, which floated away. Simultaneously, he yanked that speedo swim suit of his down, and quick as a flash, his erect cock was pressing into her deep butt cleft. Her bum was of such size that his rather large erection completely disappeared within her crack.
“Have you got a condom?” she asked over her shoulder, lust thickening her already husky voice.
With a pained expression crossing his features, he answered, “In my pants pocket, inside… more in the bedroom and bathroom, but…”
“Just hot-dog me now, then…” she replied, unwilling for the exquisite sensations to be interrupted, even for a moment. “There will be time for round two later…” she added, as she pressed her red, hot buns around his member from the sides. He busied himself by reaching around to pinch nipples with one hand and pinch clitty with the other. “You got me very excited with your paddling!” she complimented, “I loved every minute of it! It’s been a long time since I’ve been disciplined so… masterfully! I’m getting close… Can you cum with me…?”
He shook his head. “I’d rather save it… for later, let it fuel my passion in round two.” Rex found talking helped him keep from focusing on the incredible things going on in between her sumptuous butt cheeks, how soft they were, enveloping. “Or, instead of passion, maybe it’s anger…? Maybe you need another beating…”
With difficulty, Tiff tried to speak, as his hands were doing phenomenal things to her.
“I’d cherish a beating at your hands at any time!”
Rex chortled, so she doubled down.
“I mean it… any time, any place… Do you own a pet, Rex?”
“No, why?”
“I want to be your pet… your dog, your bitch! I want your attention in loving strokes on my hair and vicious strokes across my haunches… I want to be trained to beg table scraps at your feet in the kitchen, and beg your mercy at your feet in the bedroom…”
This impassioned speech brought on her climax. Tiffany convulsed against the side of the tub, spasms wracking her insides and stiffening her musculature both inside and out, all except her vocal cords, which cried out in screams and moans.
Rex had to keep checking to see that Tiffany’s face didn’t plunge underwater as she came, so violent were her seizures. When she was calm once more, Rex sat on the molded fiberglass seat along the side and held a still-quivering Tiff on his lap. Their bathing suits floated on the surface of the bubbling water. She seemed embarrassed in her demeanor and body language. Tiff’s face was still flushed and ruddy from orgasming, trumping any blush that might have bloomed there, so he couldn’t tell by that.
“It was improper to say what I think I just did, on our first date… Imprudent… I don’t mean to scare you away… I am just… falling head over heels in love with everything about you…!”
“Just…?” Rex smirked.
“Yeah, only that…!” she returned, smiling sheepishly but sincerely.
He kissed her, long and deep. When tongues and mouths separated, he asked, “But, did you mean what you said? However inappropriate the timing…”
“It’s always been a fantasy of mine to be owned… You strike me as a very good candidate for a pet owner… by the way you struck me with that wicked paddle…”
“Come with me,” he instructed, and they clambered out of the tub, and once they had, he added, “on your hands and knees.”
Tiffany obeyed swiftly, then followed him inside the house down like that. She wondered if she’d have rug-burns on her knees when this date was all through. She hoped so. She accompanied him to his bedroom, heeling by his right ankle, as best she could, the whole way. Once there, he opened a dresser drawer. Withdrawing several pieces of thin leather, first he buckled a dog collar around Tiff’s neck, then he attached a long leash to it. Tiff sat back on her heels and glowed, radiant with happiness.
“It turns out, I’ve long been waiting for a pet myself,” he smiled. He sat on the bed. She scootched up to sit on the floor by his feet. He petted her hair. She lowered her gaze to the carpet. “How’s your bottom?”
“Let me see, get over my knee.”
Tiffany hastened to comply. Rex ran his hands over her large orbs, noting that their temperature was cool, but the skin’s surface was still ruddy and braised. He was sure she was tender, thought she’d be bruised tomorrow. All subs bruised differently; it’d be interesting to see how this one responded.
“I’m going to whip you with the end of this leash now.”
“Yes, sir.”
Rex leathered Tiffany thoroughly. It took some time to completely cover both hefty cheeks with welts, but she took this beating stoically, even making a show of both arching her ass up hungrily and rubbing her sex against his leg like a horny poodle. He reached over to a bedside table and extracted from one of its drawers a foil-wrapped condom. He handed it down to Tiff.
“Here, put this on me,” he instructed.
Proudly, Tiffany tore open the packet, took the latex from inside into her mouth, and expertly rolled it over her lover’s erection.
“You do the work this time,” he quietly barked out another order, and Tiff got on his prone form on the bed and inserted him into her wet sex. She rode him hard. The most beautiful expression came over her face, then her brow wrinkled and consternation replaced the placidity.
“I’m going to cum again…!” she whimpered.
“No. No, you may not…”
“What?” her eyes opened wide at this reply.
“You do not have permission to climax. Fuck me just as energetically, but do not cum… Not until I say…”
Tiff obeyed. It was clear that it took all of her willpower to do so. She rode him like a jockey rides a thoroughbred down the stretch, at one with her steed’s movements, in this case Rex, the wonder horse. But the finish line never came because he had forbidden it to do so. She just had to keep urging him on without reaching the wire herself.
“Please… I’m desperate!” she implored.
“Turn around on me,” Rex told her, into the reverse cowgirl position, quickly, but do not allow yourself to cum.”
Immediately Tiff complied. Now he took a thick pinch of her left buttock and parted her. He got from that same bedside drawer a tube of KY lubricant, and began fingering large quantities of the cool gel up her warm rectum. Tiff wriggled, whimpered, and begged. Rex smiled with self-satisfaction, having guessed correctly that this big bottomed beauty was anal-erotic. He spanked that bottom more than once as he anointed her, exhorting Tiff to keep up the pace, to keep plunging up and down on him.
“I’m going to take you up your ass in a moment,” he now articulated softly.
“Yes, sir,” she squeaked.
“Have you ever climaxed from anal?”
“No… no, I’ve found it a little painful… in the past…” her voice had a far-away quality to it.
“I’m sorry that that’s been your experience!” Rex solemnly replied. “I’ll try to undo those past memories with better ones. In that case… I think you better prime the pump for more, subsequent orgasms… You may cum now Tiffany, cum for me, let go and let it all out…”
Rex spanked Tiffany’s bottom as she bounced up and down. This, and the verbal exhortation opened the flood gates. Tiff climaxed vehemently and vociferously. It seemed like one series of orgasms only triggered another. On and on, Tiff trembled and tremulously cried out and gave herself over to the tsunami raging all around her. Rex continued to finger her rectum with his left hand’s middle finger while continuing to spank her hard with his right, which further fueled the conflagration.
Long minutes later, Tiff seemed to awaken from a coma. The first groggy words out of her mouth came with a giggle, but her thoughts behind the words were clear.
“How can you do that? I mean, keep from cumming for so long? Do I not turn you on? Is this how you usually…?”
“Yeah, you’ll get used to it,” he dismissively responded.
“No, I don’t think I ever will! But I’m not complaining. Now, you mentioned something about fucking my ass so well that I…”
As he took her by that impossibly slender waist and helped lift her off of him, they both realized that he was lying in a veritable puddle of her ejaculate. It was so thick and so viscous that her pudendum was practically glued to his pubic patch, as they slowly worked to separate one from the other. But his cock came out of her hard and throbbing, with the rubber intact, regardless of all the friction.
“About how many times have you had anal intercourse?” he interrupted he bringing-up the topic.
“I know exactly. Four times. Two times with two different lovers…”
“Did you use lots of lubricant each time?”
“It seemed like a lot. Not as much as you’ve got up there right now, but…”
“That, and taking our own slow, sweet time might make some difference… Rex had some other ideas, too, but just changed tacks to try to put Tiffany at ease. He pushed her down on the mattress, avoiding the wet spot of their last liaison, and began massaging her body, concentrating on her bum. “Do you know that you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, much less shared sex with?” Tiff smiled. “And do you know that you have one of the most spectacular asses I’ve ever beheld, much less had the good fortune to discipline?” She smiled more broadly. “Now, you have to decide, and to share with me, if you prefer compliments like that… or discipline like this?” and he slapped her hard across the right butt cheeks, a really resounding smack. “…Do you like warm words,” SMACK! “or warming deeds?” SMACK!
“I… I don’t know…” she stammered.
“That’s a good answer, too. We’ll try a combination of the two…. Now, the fun of butt sex is that it’s so dirty, so wrong, so forbidden…” he said as he re-anointed her rectum with still more lube. Tiff visibly melted at the welcomed intrusion of his two fingers toying with her real portal. “I’m going to put my cock head right up against your rosebud in a minute, but I’m not going to penetrate you. Do you understand?” and he emphasized the question with another hard SMACK!
“Yes, sir.”
“When I finally do start to insert my cock up you back here, after you’ve fully adjusted to the pressure applied, we’re going to communicate constantly. You’re going to tell me everything you’re feeling, as we go infinitesimally slowly. Is all of that clear, too?” SMACK!
“Yes, sir.”
“Good girl.” SMACK! “Now reach back and take a firm pinch of cheeks with each hand and part yourself for me, my little bitch.”
She seemed to respond to this insistent tone better, a fact that Rex made note of. He did just as he told her he would, merely holding his cock against her anus as she tightened with apprehension, then as he talked to her, soothed her with more compliments, he pressed ever so slightly, more and more over the course of long minutes. The sensations did something undefinable to Tiffany. As she relaxed and opened, a feeling of vulnerable melancholy swept over her. She started to cry softly, and Rex just encouraged her, and praised her bravery for facing her feelings, and then, when she was done and feeling cleansed, he softly whispered in her ear, “I’m up your ass and have been for about a minute already…!”
She realized it was true. She felt heart happy and anally stretched. It was like her backdoor was made to admit a gentle giant, a masculine presence that filled her entire doorframe with his frame. “Oh, God! I feel so full of cock! I feel so…”
“Butt fucked?” he suggested, and Tiff giggled and nodded, then slowly pushed back into him, letting him impale her completely.
“I see what you mean… about feeling… dirty! This is the damned dirtiest thing I’ve ever done!” she giggled and started slowly fucking the tool that plied her rectum. She made all the movement forward and back, pulling him into her depths, then slowly releasing him, coughing him up out of her once more. “We’re doing it!” she exclaimed with elation.
“You are the one doing it, my dirty whore! Don’t you feel vile? Aren’t you the lowest of anal whores to be enjoying it up your ass so much?”
Tiffany was nodding enthusiastically, and riding his cock, and giggle-groaning, and then she started to cum. The previous explosive climax seemed like a dress rehearsal compared to this mind-blower of an orgasm. Her explosion triggered his, filling the condom with jets of sperm. Mere words cannot capture the experience, contain the emotions, but Tiff tried, screaming and cursing and gushing. A cacophony of sounds streamed forth as a plethora of cum spurted out of her, then she fell into another faint. Rex checked her breathing, held her close to him, whispered sweet nothings into her ear, and soon she roused herself. Like before, she opened her eyes as if nothing had happened, spoke as lucidly as if at the dining room table with family and guests on a Sunday afternoon after church.
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that another example of displacement? This time, your huge cock displaced no space whatsoever up my bum hole with the most uproarious, outlandish pleasure imaginable!”

(I heard that today actually is the busiest day of the year for on-line dating, as is referenced in the first line of this piece. When I heard this fact, it was so thankful to be in the committed relationship I’m in, and out of that craziness! Hope you enjoy this writing!)

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  1. I certainly believe in displacement, Jean Marie! When my mother was angry with me she displaced her anger onto the cheeks of my bottom…now my girlfriend does the same!
    Sophie x

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