#846) Misinterpretation

Martina got up off her uncle’s lap after the first spanking of her life. She discovered that there was no way to do this gracefully. Adults were always admonishing her to do things in a lady-like way, then putting her in positions where this proved difficult, if not impossible, or so it seemed to Martina. The entire spanking had been a learning experience. Martina had always been curious about how spankings actually felt. Now she knew, or at least, had an introduction. She’d thought about it during this inaugural spanking. Baring her bottom, she supposed, was meant to be humiliating, as well as make the spanks hurt more. Her Uncle Joe had taken this step of spanking her so soon after she moved into his house, she supposed, to set the tone of the arrangement. He was nonverbally saying that Martina would be treated no differently than either of his own children, Martina’s cousins. Both of those girls, Jane at fifteen and JoAnn at her same age of eighteen got spankings whenever Joe or Aunt Kathy deemed necessary. To hear the girls tell it, that was all the time, as regularly as a clock chiming. But then again, to hear her cousins tell it, Joe’s spankings were dreadfully painful, excruciating affairs. Martina had found it uncomfortable across her butt, but not as bad as all that. In fact, as Martina rode the lesson out, balanced somewhat precariously on her uncle’s knee, she found the sensations in her sex to be just the opposite, thrilling and delightful. Martina decided to keep all of this information to herself. She simply rose to her feet in as least gawky a manner as possible. She pulled her underpants up in front, so as to hide her aroused vagina from view, while simultaneously rubbing her bared buttocks behind to alleviate the burning, itching sting there.
“You spank very hard!” she said while both hands busied themselves in their respective tasks.
“You got what was coning to you, Marty. Try to be a good girl, so the next one won’t come too soon or be even harder…” he gruffly returned, looking up at her.
Martina smiled. He thinks that was a complaint, she thought to herself. When really, it was as much a compliment. In her opinion, she’d done very little to earn this first spanking, just speak her mind, what her relatives called “talking back.” Martina began devising the means to earn her next punishment. JoAnn told her about how he’d use his razor strap when extremely upset by misbehaviors. How do I get to find out what that feels like? she wondered as she wandered upstairs to her room.

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