#847) Brunch Leftovers

Every weekend, Hermione hosts a brunch, posting a topic on her lovely blog, Hermione’s Heart, for discussion. I consider Hermione a dear friend on-line; she’s been incredibly kind and helpful to me over the years, and most enjoy this chance to share my thoughts and feelings, as well as hear those from others in the community.

This past weekend, the topic was, “Are there any fun activities that you would rather do than spanking?” I don’t think that our two blogs have a great deal of overlap in readership, so I wanted to share this topic with you, offer my perspective, and especially hear from all of you.

I enjoy reading a good book, cooking a delicious, healthy meal and sharing it with others, particularly my man. I enjoy working-out, taking a hot epsom salts bath. I enjoy a stimulating conversation with friends and colleagues. I used to enjoy going to the movies, but since Covid-19, I tend to do that from home, shared only with Robert. Do any of these activities compare with taking a spanking? Not even close.

My favorite treat is ice cream. Let’s up the ante, and imagine a decadently huge ice cream sundae piled high with several scoops of favorite flavors, gilded with whipped cream, sprinkles, chopped nuts, syrup. Even this does not come close to comparing with the fulfillment I derive from being spanked.

In my answer in the brunch, I alluded to the fact that I really enjoy some of the activities that naturally follow after a spanking, whether that’s cuddling, or making love, or a sensual massage. All of these delicious options hold a special place in my life, but I prefer spanking to even these pinnacle activities. The question was “rather than” however. All of these are better after a spanking, but I would still prefer just a spanking compared to any one of these fun things that would replace and supplant it instead.

How about you? Is spanking on top of the list in your life, or has it taken a backseat to other things? Please tell us all about it in the comments section! I look forward to hearing from all of you, and discussing it!

9 responses to “#847) Brunch Leftovers”

  1. Well, Jean Marie, although I have many interests…as well as a very busy professional life…I count spanking as the very most important fun thing I do…and want to do…in my life.
    Sophie x

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  2. I didn’t get around to commenting on Hermione’s brunch.

    When Irene and I have “dates”, there’s a lot of roleplay and a variety of activities. But there are three basic elements that are almost always in order – spanking, reverse cowgirl cunnlingus, and intercourse. It’d be hard to go without any of the three, but I’d say the cunnlingus is my favorite.

    Some people meditate. I don’t. But when Irene sits on my face, all I see is her big bottom. Her weight on top of me keeps me from moving. And All I can taste or smell is her pussy. There’s nothing to do but lick and suck, caressing with my lips and tongue. She is the orchestra and I am the maestro. It’s my honor to guide her to that crescendo. For me our reverse cowgirl cunnlingus is the most relaxing thing in the world.

    Sometimes after, however, I feel like we should call the seismology people at the local university and tell them it wasn’t an earthquake that triggered their instruments.

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  3. Where Jo’s end always needs to end up…

    As Jo lowered herself across Carly’s knee, the day’s treasures danced like a string of raindrop beads around her heart. They danced and teased and flashed their frilly pants defiantly across her imagination, like some crazy cartoon can-can – a private chorus line of unexpected moments and passions, strung together in search of a response:

    misty cloud snakes, chasing each other between the hills;

    lines of ripple poetry, rolling in across the beach, daring her to frisk the shells and pebbles for the shreds of magic sentences from far-off shores;

    unexpected smiles
    and kindnesses
    and compliments;

    gazillions of starbursts and secret hugs;

    tiny shock invasions from the world behind the mirror,
    challenging her to carry a heart she so rarely expected the world to see anymore.

    So many things she hadn’t expected,
    turning the day colourful,
    despite all her attempts to crawl back under the covers and hide behind small monochrome things.

    This was a precious locket of a day – a pouch woven into her heart.

    Yet still, for all these wild and wonderful spells, the magic she craved most was, as always, waiting here over Carly’s lap. Good days and bad days, thrills and disasters – all could rest easy here, in Jo’s special place… her safe place… her galaxy place, where new stars were born against her bottom.

    It might not be the can-can, she thought to herself, but she knew she’d be dancing with abandon once this spanking was over.

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