#849) Immediacy

There is something to be said for the Top who whispers in your ear as he’s kissing you good-bye in the morning before leaving for work, “When I get home, I’m going to spank you so soundly. Just you wait, little girl. You are in for the spanking of your life…” And he’s gone and you are left breathless and panting at the same time. You are forced to wait, to stew in your own juices, you can’t stop thinking about it, you get nothing tangible accomplished all day because your mind can’t entertain anything else but that impending punishment. But it won’t happen until hours from now, and every single moment is an eternity, waiting…

But then there is the opposite kind of Top, the one who has a hair-trigger. Put one toe out of line, and before you know what’s happened, he’s baring you, bending you, beating your butt. It does not matter to him when or where. Indeed, he seems to find fault most when you are out in public, at the worst possible moment. You find yourself in a constant state of arousal. Hemingway said of matadors that they lived life “all the way up.” He meant that every moment is precious because you don’t know if this next Sunday will be your last. Living with this type of Top is akin to that. There is a time bomb ticking right next to you in bed, at the table at home as well as out in public in a restaurant, in a coffee klatch with the next-door neighbor, or a bridge club meeting with several of your besties, hell, at the PTA meeting; there isn’t even a timer to read, any second KABLOOIE! He’s gone off and your panties are soon to follow. Your bottom constantly tingles in anticipation of the spank that might befall at any moment, for any reason…

I’ve lived with both types of Tops.I don’t favor one type over the other. Both leave me wet.

4 responses to “#849) Immediacy”

  1. I feel like I’m that chaotic type of top where I try to be more like the first top but then I myself will get too excited and I’ll find some reason to get an additional spanking in there before the other one XD

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  2. I often get the second Jean Marie…a couple of spanks in the middle of the lingerie in a large store…or the full works in a store changing room…from my girlfriend.
    Sophie x

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  3. My current bedtime fantasy has centered around me doing something that my lover doesn’t have the energy to discipline me for. As she’s getting ready for bed, she let’s me know that I will be dealt with in the morning as tomorrow is a day off for her. I go to sleep next to her, holding her, grateful to be blessed with such a wonderful woman. I do my best not to press my erection against her out of consideration for her being so tired and needing her rest. But at the same time, my arousal is a show of affection. I know how much she needs me to show her genuine affection. Sometimes it’s manifested in an erection, sometimes in a gentle squeeze of her hand, sometimes in just a simple smile. I love her and she loves me.

    I know my butt is going to pay for what I did in the morning. And rightfully so! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I fall asleep listening to the gentle rhythm of her breathing and my heart aches for her discipline because I know all will be right again. But I am forced to wait for when she is ready to deal with me, on her terms and in her time.

    As I bring myself to orgasm in real life, I say her name and then fall into a blissful sleep knowing that, in the morning, I’ll fantasize about what will happen after she wakes up…

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