#852) A Bicycle Built for Us Two

Back on post # 836, I waxed poetical about a position for sex called the Reverse Cowgirl. Even though I was unsure about its reception, and it made me blush to write and to publish it, it got a very enthusiastic response in comments and in emails.
Emboldened by that, I want to talk a bit about a newly devised position for punishment, the Bicycle. (I know that it is newly devised because my lover and I just came up with it.)
Returning from a trip to the bathroom over the weekend, Robert caught me in a position in bed like you see pictured above.
“Can you hold that position for an extended period of time?” he asked, fascinated.
“I’m sure I can, I do shoulder-stands like this all the time when working-out,” I replied.
He got back in bed. At first, he tried to make it sexual. He knelt facing me, putting his mouth onto my vagina, expecting me to take his erection into my mouth. I dislike the 69 position in all its variations because I can’t concentrate on the sensations I’m feeling and provide those sensations to my partner simultaneously. So I poo-poo’ed that idea. Robert expressed his displeasure at my close-mindedness, saying that I ought to be spanked for it. I returned that it was not being close-minded. I had tried various 69 positions on numerous occasions and just didn’t like it! But further, I replied that my bared butt was there in mid-air if he truly thought I deserved a spanking…
Never one to pass up an opportunity like the one I was providing, he knelt by my side and began swatting my tush. I liked it, my pussy responded in kind.
“I’d spank you harder, but I think I might knock you off-balance,” he enthused.
“Like I said, I can hold this position all day, but if you want to feel like I’m securely in place, put your fingers inside me to hold me there,” I suggested.
I was wet inside, my labia was swollen and begging for it. He braced me on my lower back with his right hand while inserting two fingers of his left into my purring pussy. They sunk in easily all the way to the last knuckle. Then he used that right hand to spank my elevated and exposed butt good.
In past writings, I’ve used the analogy of feeling like an insect in some science fair exhibit when a lover pins my lower back with his non-dominant hand while that dominant hand dominates me with an over the knee spanking. My “thorax” feels as though pinned down and I’m on display, like a lightening bug with her tail all lit-up. This “pinning me down” was even better, not just pressure through my lower back, but deep inside my sex. He wriggled his fingers as his other hand spanked me mercilessly. Was there an old Beatles tune called “Twist and Shout”? That’s what I did for about half an hour of spanking, twist and scream and shout and curse and bless him, followed by as long a session of fucking while I sang the refrain even louder.
I’m blushing from embarrassment again, but it’s worth it. Try this new position with your mate, mate. We think you’ll like it!

7 responses to “#852) A Bicycle Built for Us Two”

  1. I’m always here for the spanking stuff but as a bottom, the first thought I had was all tongue! Her pleasure is my pleasure and boy I would like some pleasure!

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  2. Oh my, JM, you of all people despise 69? Imho it’s the other way around, it helps to let it go faster. The key is to let it go instead of trying to analyse the sensations. You’re welcome!

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