#853) A Paradigm Shift in Perspective

Robert and I were very high on our discovery of the Bicycle position, probably because it got our endocrine systems stirred up like a hornet’s nest, adrenaline, endorphins, and hormones raging. As I described, we used it for funishment. It fit into the category of foreploy, any way devised, truthful or deceptive, to get laid.

Now it’s time for a paradigm shift. (Don’t you just love that word, paradigm? I love the sound of it, too; so different from its spelling.) Robert decided I could benefit from a seeing-to. When he thinks I’m getting too big for my britches by virtue of attitude and/or back-talk, he divests me of my britches for a bare butt beating, i.e. punishment. In this position, as you can see from the illustrative photo above, it doesn’t entail lowering the panties as much as pulling them up directionally. Anyway, they were out of the way, as was my skirt. The Bicycle became a close variation on the Diapering Position because it wasn’t me balancing as much as it was him holding me down in place. I know I have company when I say that we detest the name “diapering.” For reasons I cannot fathom, some kinksters like wearing and using a diaper, and this has NOTHING to do with that! Some like to call it “the raised legs position” but as you can see above, that doesn’t exactly hold true either. Maybe something like the Butt Uppermost position is most accurate. Anyway, he got the bedroom slipper. Whenever I see this implement I cringe, knowing that my bottom has a long ways to go, some demanding distance to travel, but walking won’t be involved. Friends of mine used to refer to walking as the shoe-leather express. Well, a slippering is like that, too, the fast track to Sorryville.

The thing about this position, whatever you call it, is that the buttocks are stretched taut. Being taught a lesson in this way is very effective, I assure you! Please notice that I’m not nearly as enthusiastic in recommending this punishment pose, as I was for a fun ride on the Bicycle.

16 responses to “#853) A Paradigm Shift in Perspective”

  1. I’ve read that a spanking hurts more after an orgasm because there’s zero sexual arousal left. I’ve also seen FemDom where a woman makes a man orgasm onto his own face. As a true punishment, I would imagine the combination would be effective indeed in this position!

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    • See, I wouldn’t know if this is true or not. I’ve never been spanked immediately after an orgasm. However, the dominatrix I see loves giving me an OTK spanking until I cum in her lap so I do know about that! Lol

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      • The visual images, Guason… Does she reach underneath and wank you with her left hand while she spanks with her right? This is the strongest visual, so she can orchestrate your arousal, titillation, and ejaculation. Or do you hump her leg like a dog? Does she then deride you as her “little bitch” and encourage it? Or is the spanking enough on its own merit to give you release? Must you clean up after yourself? You wanted to know, so those are just some of what comes to my disgusting mind…

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      • Lol I figured they were visual, silly goose.

        I hump her leg and we synchronize my thrusts with her swats. Like she’s spanking the cum out of me. She tells me how much of a good boy I am for cumming. She’s been wearing a lot of nice clothes lately so I wear a condom to not get the semen on her clothes though the first time I came right on her bare thigh.

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  2. The bicycle position is a new one for me. Makes sense as a variation of the diaper position. I’ll have to try this one out when I see a lady friend coming to visit in March who I plan on spanking all night long

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