#855) Getting Dressed Just to Get Undressed

Sometimes being a nudist is more trouble than you’d think. You’d think that I wouldn’t need much of a wardrobe, that I wouldn’t have many cleaning costs, that I’d save time in the morning and at night because I wouldn’t have to decide what to wear, or take it off hours later. None that is true, however.
You see, my fiancé thinks that it’s sexier to have to bare me for our evening playtimes. Take today for example. I worked remotely from home, and stayed naked all day. But at five P.M., I had to go upstairs and decide what to wear to greet my husband when he was scheduled to come home from his job.
I want to make it sexy, so pick out a see-through blouse sans bra. I don’t want to seem slutty, so pair that with a nicely tailored pair of black slacks, again going commando, and high heeled pumps.
I hear his car pull in the driveway, so rush down the stairs to open a chilled bottle of white wine and pour us each a glass.
“There’s a chicken casserole in the oven, and I have a wine that’ll compliment it all poured, but would you like something else before dinner, a bourbon perhaps?”
“You’re inebriating enough, come here…”
I smile and scamper to his embrace. I can tell right away that he likes the ensemble I’ve chosen; he’s all over me.
“Let me turn the oven off so the casserole won’t burn,” and he begrudgingly let’s me go to do that.
I decide to take it completely out of the oven, to avoid risking having it overdone. I wear the two oven mitts on my hands as I return to Robert’s side, thinking that he might find it all the sexier if I can’t assist in my unveiling. He does, as I stand impassively and let him finish unbuttoning my blouse, then start undoing my slacks’ fasteners.
“Have you been a good girl all day?” he asks.
I have been, getting a great deal of work done, a little house cleaning, this dinner prepared. But I’ve learned from the past; this answer won’t get me spanked.
“Of course not!” I reply, and as hoped, am immediately upended. I’m practiced at gulping a swallow of wine and placing my glass on the credenza without spilling a drop or shattering a thing as he does this, even with both of my mitts still in the oven mitts.
My funishment spanking begins. It is impossible for Robert to focus on my bottom like this, even for just a moment, and not desire sex for a second course before our meal begins. He makes it a steaming hot spanking and even more well-done fuck, all while the casserole sets-up nicely and cools just enough on the kitchen counter. Unfortunately, some of our co-mingled juices drip on those black slacks. I’ll have to send them to the cleaners to be dry cleaned. Do you see what I mean? If anything, this nudist needs a very extensive wardrobe of sexy things, I spend a great deal in cleaning costs, and spend a huge amount of time prepping as I do daily. But, all things considered, I think it’s all worth it. I’m happy to get dressed just to be undressed moments later over and over!

3 responses to “#855) Getting Dressed Just to Get Undressed”

  1. My favorite part of spanking video is the “unveiling”.:

    Seeing the pants, shorts, skirt or dresse lowered… Seeing the underwear lowered… watching those wonderful globes of a willing participants bottom unveiled…

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