#856) Going Commando

I’m not schizophrenic. But, as just related, I do get dressed most evenings for about ten minutes, until Robert gets me out of the clothes again. And when I go out in public, more often than not, I’ll go commando without any undergarments on. What can I say?

8 responses to “#856) Going Commando”

  1. Not half as enticing as when you do Jean Marie, but I also particularly like going commando and regularly do. I’ve just been on holiday somewhere warmer and it was lovely to sneak out to the beach for a naked swim, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was just accepted… some people wear jeans, some people dresses, some people formal suits, and some people nothing at all. This should not be “news”. 🙂

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  2. I also go out commando from time to time, Jean Marie, and my gf will take her shoe off under the restaurant table and seek out my private parts between…well, you know where!
    Sophie xx

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  3. Some time ago you wrote a blog entry about flashing and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. As you wrote, I was brought up to keep my knees together and protect my modesty at all costs. My realisation of the power of flashing reads like a cliche but is nevertheless quite true. Summer dress, breezy day, gust of wind followed by yelps of delight from two young boys who had been walking behind me when my panties were exposed. I was profoundly embarrassed and yet remarkably wet and excited. Since then, I admit to having deliberately flashed a few times, and the thrill does not diminish. The idea of going commando opens up a whole new feeling of excitement when I consider the idea of flashing with no panties. I have never dared to so far, but once again the words “so far” are significant. Never say never.

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    • Oh, this pleases me so much, Susie; you have no idea how much this pleases me! It gave me an idea – I think I’m going to have a “Windy Day Wednesday” and show and talk about photos of commando flashers! I’m so enthused about this, excited everywhere in my being!


      • From the other side of the fabric I was always delighted by the sight of exposed panties, sometimes obviously intentional others not. The same frission for the watcher Susie!

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      • Delighted to have been of help, and I look forward to “Windy Day Wednesday”. Again, the combination of embarrassment and excitement I felt when my panties were exposed on that fateful day has fuelled some of my fantasies ever since. Deliberate exposure affects me in a different but no less delicious way.

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