#858) Fan Fiction Second Thoughts

This one will be more of a Do-It-Yourself effort. Fill in my blanks, take it in entirely a different direction… Think of another great novel with indelible characters. One came right away (again) to my mind; I thought of Dracula.
(Again, I do not own this property or character, it is intended for amusement and not for profit.) First of all, I love the source material. Did you know that there actually was a historical character like Dracula? This personage was (also) called Vlad the Impaler. He really had his many enemies killed by being skewered on thick pikes and placed along the road leading up to his castle gates! I mean, stuck on sharp timbers through their crotches all the way up through their bodies, his manner of crucifixion. Yikes, whew, I’m glad he lived hundreds of years ago! Or did he…?
Then there are the many movie treatments. Have you ever seen the original, a silent flick called “Nosferatu”? Most people think of the Bela Lugosi version of the Bram Stoker novel, which has its moments, but I prefer the performance by Gary Oldman in this title role.
I recently heard an enchanting bottom, Evie Lupine, talk on a YouTube video about role-playing in BDSM. She mentioned recreating a “Vampire Lord.” I found this mesmerizing. It made me want to go completely Goth some weekend, and encourage Robert to be my blood-thirsty Dom. Or maybe he doesn’t puncture and penetrate, instead he might be addicted to marking his female victim with all kinds of bruises. He might start by baring portions of my body to give me hickies there, on the neck, down below my collarbone, on the under-curve of a breast, on my tummy, inner thigh, several on each buttock, by a shoulder blade… Purple hickies are not enough, he is insatiable. The Vampire Lord gets out a long, heavy wooden paddle. I am to be initiated into his sorority of seductions. Fortunately, my bottom is just as insatiable as his lusts. He gives me a ferocious licking with the hardwood, but my butt takes it and keeps on ticking (like my father’s old Timex wristwatch). As always, percussion play, no matter how light or serious, gets us in the mood for love-making.
I swoon and fall onto a fainting couch, my bodice ripped, my corset coming undone along with my up-do hairstyle, my bottom aflame with a fire that cannot be quenched, spreading to my loins.
“Oh, my Lord, that is a thick, pointed pike… Oh, God, you are an impaler!”

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