#862) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (yes, there is spanking!)

In the late 1860’s, the 13th amendment to our Constitution was passed, guaranteeing the right to vote and the freedoms of full citizenship granted to all African-Americans. In response, many of the privileged, in order to protect their power, came up with things like poll taxes, Jim Crow laws, and the Ku Klux Klan.
In the late 1960’s, fully one hundred years later, many of those rights still were not observed in America. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a civil rights movement to try to right that injustice. This movement worked toward righting the root causes, the wrongs of poverty and inadequate housing. It is important to realize that this was not a movement confined to the rights of just his race. Did you know that he died in Memphis, Tennessee while aiding the protest of garbage collectors? He saw that the rights of these men, on the lowest rung of the socio-economic ladder, needed addressing. He worked toward the freedoms of all people.
It distresses me that we still are not where we should be on these issues yet today in America, that we need to have statements like “Black Lives Matter.” It distresses me that advancement has not progressed any further than it has, that it seems to move by pendulum swings forward, only to be answered by regression backwards. When we start to dialogue about changing the nature of policing in our country, to redefine roles of what they do, in coordination with other social services, it is labeled as “defunding the police” and we only get rhetoric in the form of “Blue Lives Matter.” It amazes me that we cannot have the election of an intelligent, articulate African-American as president without some white folks getting scared about “those people getting ahead, therefore I’m left with less.” It disgusts me that America could elect someone like the 45th President, whose speech was anti-intellectual and inarticulate, but rather filled with dog-whistles and fascist dogma. Don’t get me wrong, I am not some far-Leftist loony; I am distressed by some of what the old geezer in that office currently comes up with, too. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Mitch McConnell both are often full of bullshit! It is not a matter of Black lives or blue lives, or all lives, for that matter. Of course they all matter! But if I’m driving down the street, and a police officer pulls me over, I only fear a ticket and/or a lecture, not to be tazed, handcuffed, thrown in jail, even ending up dead, which are the root causes of these slogans. We are so divided, we cannot even agree on the definition of the word ‘truth.’ I used to teach schoolchildren about the orderly and peaceful transfer of power in this country, with tears in my eyes out of reverence for what was so noteworthy and laudatory, until one day that was subverted with lies, and I had tears streaming from my eyes for what was being perpetrated instead.
With these truths self-evident and in-mind, and with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek (though I much prefer my lover’s tongue planted firmly between my cheeks), I parody King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. It seems to me that the one thing that bridges divides is humor, so I’m attempting that here. My revised speech speaks to the realities of a Top and bottom in the spanko scene of today. His was a speech protesting against unfair discrimination, for freedom and equality. Mine is… well, I’ll let my mouthpiece tell it…
A comely submissive, let’s call her, for lack of a better name, oh, Jeanie, sits bolt upright in bed in the early morning light of a new day, and proclaims, “I had a dream last night, part fantasy and a part nightmare really, where I was forced to protest against unfair discipline, a fight to be let up from being positioned over the knee unjustly, reprieved from the reprehensible corner whenever.”
With her first words, her lover, a handsome Top by the name of, um, let’s say, Robert, awakens next to her, mumbles, “What…?” then, when her introductory rant is over says, “Er, looking at your reddened hillocks from last night’s spanking, by George… can we talk about this… can’t we sit down together at the table of understanding and…?”
“My people cannot sit down at all!” she interrupts and is off again on her diatribe, “We are sweltering in the heat of that paddling, that strapping! We long to be judged, not by the color of our bruised butts, but by the contrition in our character!”
Jeanie takes a breath. Robert thinks he can get a word in, at least edgewise, but…
“I have a dream today!” she shrieks. “I dream that I can join hands with you,” and she seizes both of his in hers, “to keep you from using them on my bottom. I have a dream that my smooth skin will no longer be made too rough, my fair skin made so ruddy, my cool epidermis made hot to the touch! I have a dream today!”
“Okay, I hear you, but you enjoy a playful spa…” he tries to interject, but…
“I have a dream today!” Jeanie shouts, as if getting her second-wind. “I have a dream that when you say something like ‘This hurts me as much as it does you…’ that you truly grasp what the meaning of ‘hurt’ is, what humiliation and embarrassment really are, what ignominy and degradation really feel like, what…”
“Yeah, yeah, I get it, punishment spankings only when called for, funishment spankings at all other times!” Robert, practiced at Topping, tops her vocal level and enthusiasm with his own.
“Exactly!” she enthuses, arms outstretched in exultation. Then she remembers her place, dives over his lap face-down to provide that still-rosy bum, and exhorts, “Let the spanks ring out!”
And he does, and adds, “Let your cries sing out!”
And she does, and adds, “Until my bottom’s worn out!”
To which Robert holds his hand firmly over her mouth and admonishes, “Please, let that be all!”
Jeanie just nods, submissively, for a change.
“Hallelujah!” he responds, “it’s over at last!”

3 responses to “#862) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (yes, there is spanking!)”

  1. “We long to be judged, not by the color of our bruised butts, but by the contrition in our character!”

    May I please humbly and respectfully disagree 😉 by referencing an earlier comment I made on another post:

    Those bruises are commendations and therefore the flip side of the coin of contrition. There can be no heads without tails.

    (Man, how many references and/or double entendres can one guy put in 2 sentences… :))

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  2. I used to have a Scottish friend, sadly departed now, who was there on the day of the “I have a dream” speech. He had written some articles for newspapers about it, over the years. He did have a bit of a guilt trip over it though and made no secret of the fact, that he only went along because a young American lass, that he fancied, wanted to go and he was trying to get in her good books. FYI, his interests in the young (at the time) lady went unrequited.


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