#863) Mommy Spanks Monday

Unlike the photo above, this is not a news flash. Mommy spanks, and it is a cure-all.

There is something primeval, from age immemorial, about a mother getting-after her child, no matter how old, expressing that infinite love with near-infinite hard-hand spanks on a receptive rear-end.

It is a panacea through pain, a remedy for whatever ails one, delivered via the rump, by the person who knows one best.

Whether it is administered with the bare hand, or her hairbrush, or yours,

whether it is given in her bedroom or yours,

over the kitchen table (perhaps with a wooden spoon, the favorite implement of ass destruction by my mother),

or on-the-fly anywhere else, you better believe that she will make it hurt, make it embarrassing, make it memorable.

No matter if it’s just a quick swat or two across the seat of your bloomers,


or a barn-burning blistering/bruising on the bare that goes on forever,

or something somewhere in-between, no matter your age, she knows you like no one else, knows how to get through to you, just how best to push you past crocodile tears to true contrition. Mommy spanks, Mommy spanks hard, and you are never too old to learn a lesson!

17 responses to “#863) Mommy Spanks Monday”

  1. Speaking of “commendations”!

    That Technicolor Tushie in the next-to-last picture is quite possibly the most deliciously dappled and disciplined derriere displayed in a daily post!

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    • My mother only gave me a few memorable wooden spoon paddlings in my life, when I was a teen, before she died unexpectedly.
      Please appreciate having your mother still around to get after you, everyone! You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone…


      • Jean Marie

        Thank you! That is a wonderful, nostalgic and evocative post, making my bottom tingle with desire to refamiliarise itself with hand, belt, thong or wooden spoon.

        I can’t remember if you have mentioned your childhood punishments before, but it is great that you have spoken of this (but sorry to hear of your mother’s premature passing). While not all spanking enthusiasts were smacked as children, sharing stories of childhood punishments can be bonding among those of us who were.

        As an aside, I am so impressed by the photos you use to illustrate your stories – great material I have never seen before.

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      • I have not gone into too much detail on true childhood spankings from my past because WordPress is very strict policies about what constitute child porn. For me, spanking is sexual, and I don’t want any confusion between these separate areas. To me, it’s kind of like zoos. I’ve always loved zoos! Some people hate them. They can be restrictive for the animals, but many influential zoologists got their start going to zoos. I love all things spanking & butt-related. Some people see childhood spankings as “state-sanctioned child abuse,” but those early experiences were where I got my start with this fetish. I went so far as to write a very mild spanking-related story from my past (no actual spanking transpired) which I have NOT published here because I’m so fearful of blurring those lines.
        I search long and hard for photos and art work that clicks for me, gets me hot. Thank you for noticing!
        Great to hear from you, Naughty One!
        Jean Marie


  2. My mother disapproved of corporal punishment and resorted to spanking on only a few occasions. The most memorable spanking was by no means the most severe. It remained memorable because it was carried out in full view of visitors. Panties down, bottom bared I kicked and wept whilst others looked on. I have suffered from the after effects ever since. That “suffering” is wonderful. and I wish I could “suffer” from many more formative experiences in that way.

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    • It is a very potent fantasy for me to role play a public spanking with a mother/authority figure as soon as I hook-up with a female partner. It is NEVER TOO LATE to experience a happy childhood, Susie P!


      • Jean Marie

        If I read your comment correctly, I think it is revealing.

        I have always been curious as to why I ended up with a spanking fetish, and found this post: https://nospank.net/dugan5.htm
        While I have no qualifications in this area, the explanation rings true for me. That is, for some of us, spanking was traumatic and eroticising it is the way our brains integrate what could otherwise not be integrated.

        I have often thought that in seeking adulthood spankings, I have been subconsciously trying to rework the childhood spanking traumas as pleasurable. I am not sure it that is what you intended with your comment, but that is how I read it.

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      • Interesting comment, O Naughty One. I read the link you attached & found it interesting, not convincing, but interesting. Please check-out the several YouTube videos that Jillian Keenan posted in her Kinking Out Loud site on “Trauma *& Spanking.” They are not totally convincing either, but interesting. For a while, I tried to work this fetish of mine out in therapy. I arrived at the conclusion that I don’t know why I am the way I am, I just am. And I’m really happy with it, how highly-charged my sexuality is in tandem with my spanking fetish. Does this make sense to you, or am I just babbling?


    • Hi Susie P – thanks for sharing this personal account. I am sure that mortified little girl could not have imagined she would later find similar experiences pleasurable!

      I found your account interesting for a couple of reasons. Baring a child’s bottom to spank in front of others seems so extreme to me, that I had assumed that it more a fantasy than reality, but your post tells me that it does happen.

      I also found surprising that your mother spanked while disapproving of it – I can only assume that in the heat of the moment, parental frustration won out over principle.

      Thanks again


  3. Jean Marie
    Hi there. Just responding to my original reply – thanks for this explanation.
    I would have thought that personal accounts of childhood experiences should be okay with WordPress, but I can see why you would be so careful; both not to trigger their restrictions but also to keep a separation between reality and a sexually-charged blog.

    I am not sure how far you are drawing the zoo analogy to your own child and adult experience – I am assuming you didn’t enjoy it when you were young (although some adults later say that they did).

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    • I didn’t enjoy the spanking part as a child; I don’t enjoy the spanking part now. They hurt then and now. I loved the romance of the entire experience, such as the anticipation beforehand. Afterward, even pre-puberty, I found spankings soothing of some itch inside me. Post-puberty, I discovered how to scratch that itch…


  4. Thanks, Jean Marie. I loved what I have read by Jillian Keenan.

    Yes, it is good to be able to just accept our spanking fascination. For many years, I could not accept it; I was both embarrassed and ashamed. I needed to probe into it and try to understand it – that is my natural way of grappling with what I see as problems. I am now more accepting of my fetish.

    It certainly helped disclosing my fetish in counselling. My insightful counsellor shocked me by saying ‘what a gift!’, explaining that it provided another means of sexual pleasure. I had certainly not see it that way before!

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